Best Alternative Megashare Websites to Watch Movies and Tv Shows


Are you a movie lover? And know about the best movie streaming platform you are lucky enough. Definitely, you will know about the many largest movie streaming sites where you are able to watch movies and tv shows.  Among all these, one is megashare, which shut down in 2014 due to hosting problems. It is the best website for all kinds of pictures in HD quality.

Megashare is the highly recommended website for your free time to watch movies and tv shows. The site has multiple countries’ stuff in different languages.

This website was offering the third-party content, after the lockdown, now people mostly about the alternative to megashare to watch movies and tv shows.

So here we are updating the best alternative to megashare websites to watch movies and tv shows. I hope you will again enjoy your favorite stuff in HD quality.

  1. Solar Movies

Solar movies site is one of the best alternative megashare websites to watch online movies and tv shows. It is easy to use and provides the best content. It has an attractive and easy interface that offers high resolutions, movies, and tv shows. It is a famous movie website where the old and new tv shows and movies available.  The website is compatible with all devices, and you just need a good internet connection.

What we like
  • HD quality
  • Attractive interface
  • All kind of stuff
  • Compatible with all devices
  1. Xmovies 8

Let’s talk about another best alternative mega share website where you can enjoy movies and tv shows with the best features. It is a totally free website and also provides online streaming. The website is the all-time favorite alternative because here you can watch your most favorite shows, such as the game of thrones. It is free of cost site where you can record motion pictures.

With useful navigation, it provides HD quality streaming. You can search for movies and tv shows by genre, quality, countries, years, and subtitles.

What we Like
  • Free Streaming
  • Record motion picture
  • Multiple categories
  1. Putlocker

With the standard layout design, Putlocker is also included in our list. It is users friendly website where the latest stuff is available with all resources. The amazing feature is that you can download free of cost in high-quality resolution.  It is the best option for movie lovers as there is a wide range of movies available so you can select according to your choice.

What we like
  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide range of movie
  • Free of cost
  • Downloading option
  1. Just watch

Here justwatch is another powerful website available as the alternative megashare site. The downloading option is also available here as well as the website provides the movies and tv shows of different countries. You can find out the movie and tv shows just by entering the name in the search bar. It has reliable sources such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, so you can enjoy the stuff of these platforms.

What we like
  • Supported streaming and downloading option
  • Best sources Netflix and Hulu
  • Wide collection of movies
  1. Icefilms

Do you know about ice films? The website has an amazing layout, just like its name. Yes! It contains multiple categories in which most trending and upcoming movies are available. It is the best place to watch movies and tv shows with family and friends. It has trending and new release stuff, so you can watch by inviting friends and give just a mini cinema concept for your home. With the high-quality videos, it is providing free of cost streaming, so don’t forget to grab this site.

What we like

  • Trending, new release movies are available
  • HD quality
  1. cc is home to online streaming movies and tv shows, which is the best option as the megashare alternate. There are several types of movies and tv shows available without ant hurdle. The amazing feature of the site is that you can watch HD quality videos in different streaming speeds. Moreover, it is the best place to get the latest and old stuff.

What we like
  • Different streaming speeds
  • HD quality
  • Multiple genres
  1. Yesmovies

Yesmovies is a popular website where you can get streaming and download at free of cost.  However, Vpn is necessary for getting here the latest and old stuff. It is compatible with all devices, no matter it is iOS and Android. Moreover, there are multiple genres available such as comedy, thriller, action, adventure, romance documentaries, and much more. You can search by genres as well as name, subtitle and years

What we like
  • Streaming and downloading available
  • Free of cost
  • Compatible with all devices
  1. 1337x

1337x website was launched in 2007, considered the best website, among others. So we are included in our list because it can share the best torrent file of movies and tv shows. You can download movies without spending a single penny. There were some problems a year ago, and all have been resolved, so now you can use this site. It is just like megashare, where the multiple stuff available to watch.

What we like
  • Torrent files available
  • Downloading option
  • HD quality
  1. Movies 25

Well, with the perfect streaming of movies and tv shows, movies 25 is here for you. It has a great interface and user-friendly navigation with all the latest databases as well as old movies. You can get the stuff in high-quality resolution even in a slow internet connection. In addition, the movies can be played offline and transfer from small to the large screen

What we like
  • Great interface with useful navigation
  • Transfer from small to the large screen
  1. Vumoo

Do you hear the name Vumoo for watching movies and tv shows? You can download movies and tv shows with the best internet connection.  It has a large library with the most updated content. However, the one drawback is that you need to sign up before getting access to the library.

What we like
  • Works amazing with a strong internet connection
  • Updated Content
  • Large library
  1. Movie Flixter

Another popular website to watch movies and tv shows is movie Flixster. It is just like megashare, where different types of tv shows and movies available. The website supports different genres, such as comedy, romance, thriller, adventure and science fiction, etc. There is the most recent and old stuff available, so it is the best option to watch instead of going to cinemas.

What we like
  • Multiple genres
  • New and old stuff
  • Compatible with all devices
  1. M4UFree

I think this website does not need any introduction because the name reflects the description. Yes! M4UFree is the best streaming alternative megashare website for watching movies and tv shows.  The website is ad-free and not requires the signup option for getting the stuff. It has a gorgeous interface and multiple categories such as comedy, romance, thriller, adventure, and much more in 4K UHD. It is the best choice to watch movies and tv shows, so don’t forget to watch it here.

What we like
  • Sign up option not required
  • Pretty layout design
  • Movies and tv shows in 4K UHD
  1. Watch free

Watch free is the best option to watch movies and tv shows. It is a user-friendly interface and allows people in the fastest and safest way.  You can watch tv shows and movies of different genres such as comedy, romance, thriller and documentaries. Moreover, you can watch free of cost and compatible with all devices.

What we like
  • Use friendly
  • Compatible for all devices
  • Multiple genres
  1. Los movies

Los movies site is also included ion our list of the best alternative to the megashare website to watch movies and tv shows. It is a free online website where you can get all your favorite stuff. Ads appear some time on the theme page, but we can’t promise on the quality. There are different genres, such as comedy, horror, science fiction, romance, thriller, action, adventure, etc.

What we like
  • HD quality
  • Free online
  • Multiple genres
  1. Tubi Tv

Tubi TV is the best website which similar to megashare. You can enjoy movies and tv shows free of cost. Moreover, it works for different platforms such as Roku, Apple, Tv, and iOs devices.  You can get the latest and old stuff here of multiple genres. You never bore on this website because it gives you high-quality stuff.

What we like
  • Free to use
  • Latest and old stuff
  • Compatible with multiple devices


Well, on the wrap-up, I just want to tell you these are the best alternative megashare to watch movies and tv shows. So, don’t worry and just one site and enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows with your family and friends. All the websites have free to use services in the best high-quality videos.

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
Faheem is the lead editor for The Tiger News. Faheem Haydar is a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, and digital marketing expert who has founded multiple successful businesses in the fields of digital marketing, software development, e-commerce, content marketing, and more.


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