6 Tips to Maximize Your Chances of Bagging a Chicken Dinner in PUBG!


PUBG is a royal battle game. When you win the game, you or your squad are alone survivors, and you get Winner winner’s Chicken dinner.
If you want to win, then stop doing hell for first of all. Play cover to cover unless you know that you are alone against multiple squads. There are some very strategic tips to win the final circle. Do them, and you will get the chicken dinner quickly.

Adjust Game Graphics Quality

While the game does look fabulous with all the graphics turned up on a flagship phone. And the fact remains that your phone will heat up quicker with the representations set to maximum and higher graphics also takes up more memory since larger texture files have to be loaded.

Dropping the graphics settings by a notch helps make the game run smoother. Opt for balanced graphics; high frame rate and style are minor.

Make sure your mobile internet is fast

The skill can only help you compensate for a good internet connection. If you’re playing on cellular data, you must ensure your network provider gives you a stable connection.

It is especially true in case you’re playing while on the move. Get Airtel 4G if you want the fastest 4G speed* and a stable internet connection.

This way, you can minimize issues due to low speed and high latency and ensure your connection has minimum ping leading to more chicken dinners.

Based on reports by Ookla and Opensignal, Airtel is the fastest 4G network in India

Adjust the Game Controls’ position

Familiarity or the ability to rely on muscle memory will be highly beneficial in close-quarter combat situations where you have a short time to react.

Every moment spent locating which button to press is a moment where you are rendered vulnerable. PUBG Mobile has multiple control layout options.

Please select the one you find the most comfortable and practice with it till you’ve memorized it all.

Identify the Best Landing Spots

You must put yourself in high-loot spots to upgrade your gameplay and engage with more enemy players. It is the only way you’ll get better at the game.

The only other option is to learn how to hide correctly, and that’s no fun. Spots such as Pecado, Hacienda del Patron, Prison, and Campo Militar are the best spots in Miramar.

The best spots are on Erangel, Military Base, Prison, Mansion, Malta Power, School, Severny, and Pochinki.

Get a pair of Headphones

If you can do without it, switch off the background music so you can focus on your environment audio. Directional audio will help identify where the action is and help you respond to a situation more quickly.

Most smartphones only have speakers on one end, so directional audio from the game becomes useless if it comes out of just one stop. Get yourself a good pair of headphones and improve your game presence.

Patience is Key

While we advise you to land in hot spots to improve your gameplay, there are moments when it is better to lay back and wait for the action to dissipate.

If you’re landing near the school on Erangel, get a good weapon and stay at the school’s boundary for the last survivor to exit.

However, you will have all the best loot, so if you manage to kill them, you’ll obtain the best gear in just one encounter. Just be sure to kill them before they spot you.

Anila Shehzadi
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