5 Rules For Wearing Sliders

Wearing Sliders

Sliders are extremely versatile. You can wear them anywhere and with any outfit. And the choice of colors and styles is endless, from green sliders and pink sliders to striped sliders, and velvet sliders. But there are a few basic rules you should follow if you want to wear sliders. 

Great Sliders Need Great Feet

Before you slip into your sliders make sure your feet are presentable. When you wear sliders your feet are on display (unless you’ve paired them with socks). So you need your feet to be clean, and well looked after.

Cut those claws, buff that thick cracked skin on your heels, and maybe show your feet some love with a bit of foot cream. You could even color-coordinate your toenail polish with your sliders. When you’re showing off your ethical sandals, you’re also showing off your feet.

Socks are OK

Wearing Sliders

In the past, it was a no-no to wear socks with sliders, but fashion has moved on. Now socks with sliders are considered “so wrong, it’s right.” Comfort and warmth are also important in good fashion. But that‘s not the real reason fashionistas like Kim Kardashian, Justin Beiber, and Beckham have been seen in sliders and socks.

They do it because sliders were actually inspired by sports, and so wearing sports socks with them is fashionista-approved. Adidas introduced sliders in 1972 to protect soccer players from smelly locker room feet. The added bonus is that celebs (and commoners like us) can show off brand-name designer socks with our sliders. 

Slider Color and Style Matter

Don’t think just because you’re wearing a casual, comfortable shoe you can ignore fashion and style rules. Sliders come in enough colors and designs for you to coordinate your sliders with your outfit. And they’re cheap enough for you to have several pairs.

Get a smart black pair of sliders for a night on the town, pretty green sliders for summer days, and maybe a crazy pair of cobra print sliders for when you’re feeling wild. Choose from sliders with faux buckles, one strap, or two, depending on the look you’re going for. Don’t forget to be fashion-forward, even if you’re also comfortable in your sliders.

Wear Your Sliders Responsibly

You can choose which slider brand to buy, but you can also take the opportunity to support companies that share your values. Try to buy sliders from eco-friendly companies. Support companies that do not harm animals during production and use recyclable materials.

It’s good to also look into the company’s employment policies – do they pay a fair wage and promote gender/age equality in the workplace? There are some excellent slider companies with ethical practices that offer an incredible range of slider colors and styles. Saying you have green sliders can have a double meaning!

Don’t Slip and Slide In Your Sliders

Choosing the right size sliders can be difficult, especially if you’re ordering online. But there is a simple rule of thumb. If you like your slides slightly loose, and spacious, take one size bigger than you would normally choose.

And if you prefer a tight fit that holds your foot and adds support, take one size smaller than you would normally buy. Make sure the company you buy from offers an easy, and convenient return and exchange policy just in case.


There is such a wide range of colors and styles that you don’t need to be shy. Sliders are reasonably priced so you can afford several pairs. Be brave and order wild cat print, sliders covered with little lemon images, zebra print, floral sliders, green velvet-covered sliders, or glitter sliders! If you can dream of a slider design, it probably already exists! Get comfortable, get stylish, and get sliders today.


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