10 Pixer Movie Jokes That Were Aimed Toward Adults


Whenever Pixar Animation Studios is involved in making a film, they make sure that it walks the extra mile to entertain the whole family.

During the same time, Disney made phallic movie posters aimed at cross-dressers, Pixar was slapping in actual comedy with its more mature moments (and no, I don’t mean that one that features Lightyear’s same-sex kiss or Turning Red’s groundbreaking view of menstruation).

Pixar can take things that do not usually appear in children’s movies and turn them into disguised jokes that are only for adults to enjoy, whether in the form of innuendos, swearing attempts, drug use, or a different take on AA meetings.

1. Woody’s Words (Toy Story)

In 1995, this was Pixar’s first feature film produced under the Disney banner. As a result, Pixar was already experimenting with what they could do with a Disney movie at the time. Despite Disney’s quick shot at Buzz’s usage of the word ‘damn’ and replacing it with his version of a curse word, another swearing reference in Toy Story doesn’t make it into the movie.

When Buzz and Woody meet for the first time on Andy’s bed, the rest of the toys are amazed by Buzz’s action figure. However, Woody isn’t buying it and refuses to refer to Buzz as an actual space ranger.

There was a time when Buzz suggested Woody might be searching for the word ‘space ranger,’ and Woody replied with, “I can’t say the word I’m searching for because it’s a preschool toy,” implying that he wanted to call Buzz something much more insulting than “space ranger.”

10 Pixer Movie Jokes That Were Aimed Toward Adults

2. Bruce’s Meetings (Finding Nemo)

In terms of children’s entertainment, alcohol is not something that is commonly seen, but Pixar has yet to be afraid to include it in its films. Toy Story’s unmarked cans on Sid’s floor, as well as Helen’s drink in Incredibles 2, Pixar has always maintained a realistic view of adults’ use of alcohol throughout its films.

As a result of the studio’s work on Finding Nemo, they brought a new view of Alcoholics Anonymous to the screen.

At the very beginning of Marlin and Dory’s encounter with Bruce and his shark friends, they are in what appears to be a meeting. Here, the sharks recite a pledge, inform each other of the length of time they’ve been without eating fish, and remind each other of the steps. This is similar to the way an AA meeting is conducted.

3. Bob and Helena Got Busy (The Incredibles)

The Incredibles is a film that starts with a married couple fighting crime on their wedding day, which is the beginning of their epic relationship as a super couple.

It jumped to 15 years later when superheroes were banned, and The Pars continued their lives as they had before and continued to grow their family.

Toward the end of the movie, when the family of supers comes together to defeat the Syndrome, Mr. Incredible’s former admirer notices that he and his wife have had three children – Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack – since the movie began.

When Syndrome remarks that Mr. Incredible has married Elastigirl, he states, “And got busy!” implying that both he and Elastigirl have had a great deal of sex together.

4. Town’s Strippers Music (Turning Red)

This was the first time Pixar had ever included a full-fledged boy band in a movie, even though Pixar has always been known for its memorable music. 4*Town is a fictional band in the film Turning Red.

Disney Alum Jordan Fisher leads it as Robaire, and singer-songwriter Finneas as Jesse and they perform several songs throughout the movie. One joke that I think flew right over the heads of many kids and right into the ears of many adults was when Mei’s friend Abby revealed that her mother does not like 4*Town because they sing “stripper music.”

5. Colette’s Eyes (Ratatouille)

Several scenes in Ratatouille are geared toward an adult audience. These include an older adult who uses a rifle to shoot rats in the older man’s house and several strange phrases from several characters. Linguini and Colette’s moment in the film stands out the most, as it is one of the most memorable moments in Pixar’s history.

A few days before they begin dating, Linguini chases an angry Colette outside the restaurant and reveals what he has been keeping from her: his friend Rat is the one doing his cooking.

As Linguini struggled to find the right words to describe Colette, he stammered with, “I have a little… I have a tiny…” Colette dropped her gaze down to Linguini’s crotch, creating an obvious joke about Linguini’s private parts.

6. Buzz’s Wings (Toy Story 2)

In the first film, Buzz shows no interest in relationships. However, by the time he meets Jessie in the sequel, Buzz has completely fallen in love with the cowgirl doll. He has fallen in love with her with all his heart. The relationship between the two toys has grown in Toy Story 3 and flourished in Toy Story 4. However, one of the toys was a case of love at first sight.

This example is a subtle allusion to what happens to a male when he is turned on. When Jessie and Bullseye are welcomed into Andy’s bedroom, and Jessie performs a very Buzz Lightyear-like stunt on Andy’s racecar ramp, Bullseye’s immediate reaction to it appears to be wings bursting from behind his back. However, the wings don’t appear when he’s turned on.

7. Giving Muntz the Birds (Up)

“Married Life,” the film’s opening montage that introduces the viewer to Carl and Ellie’s love story, is undoubtedly the song that will remain in the memory of viewers the longest. Despite this, it is another song from the movie that mature audiences may only understand.

“Giving Muntz The Bird” is a song that plays over a dramatic scene that depicts Charles Muntz setting Carl’s house on fire and taking Kevin, the pheasant bird that Carl, Russell, and Dug befriend on their adventure with Charles Muntz.

As a reference to the song title, which refers to giving Muntz the middle finger, Russell accuses Carl of giving Kevin to Muntz. This is a nod to the title of the song.

8. Randall’s Cupcakes (Monster University)

Monsters University is generally considered the lesser of the two films in the Monsters, Inc. franchise. This is because it takes viewers back in time to how Mike and Sulley first met at scare school when they first met for the first time.

Additionally, t47*/8here are two of them at university, and Randall is the future nemesis who is forever jealous of Sulley’s success. In Monsters University, Randall is shown to be a kind and nerdy young monster that befriends Mike after the two become roommates and good friends.

The words “BE MY PAL” are written on cupcakes by Randall, with the capital P turned into a lowercase D. By doing so, the arm ‘dal’ is spelled instead, which means flirting or playing around playfully. Upon noticing the upside-down letter on the cupcake, Randall remarks that it would have been embarrassing if the cupcake had read ‘dal’ rather than ‘pal.’

9. Arlo and Spot Get High (The Good Dinosaur)

The Good Dinosaur was one of Pixar’s biggest failures, despite having lovable characters and an intriguing premise. The film follows the journey of a talking dinosaur named Arlo, who becomes unlikely friends with a human cave boy named Spot. This was when dinosaurs were still alive, and some dinosaurs were not yet extinct. The two became unlikely friends.

Root rot has marred the friend’s adventure, such as Arlo having five eyes and Spot having his head inflated. For adults, this scene indicates that the characters have gotten high from consuming the fruit they consumed. However, for children, it is just a silly scene in which the characters are playing around with fruit.

10. Hector’s R-Rated Song (Coco)

The movie Coco is about the love and bond shared by a family, both in life and after death. It tells the story of a young Miguel who ends up in the Land of the Dead and discovers a long-hidden family secret that will change his life forever. Even though it was a film about family, it also included adult moments.

As Héctor sings the song “Everyone Knows Juanita” to Chicharrón and Miguel, he pauses and changes the lyric to, “Her… knuckles… they drag on the floor.” He then reminds Chicharrón that there are children present, so he seems to have replaced the word knockers with ‘knuckles.’ When Chicharrón complains that that’s not what the words mean.

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