10 Movies That Are Hidden Gems, According To Reddit 


Many movies can be found on Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, Peacock, and Amazon Prime Video. There is a significant amount of time spent finding the ideal film to watch when you are looking for it.

The viewer may come across a movie they have not even seen advertised in a commercial, trailer, or another advertisement and unknowingly comes across the movie. These are considered hidden treasures or underrated films.

Some films on Amazon Prime Video may require the viewer to search more to find them. These include the 2018 crime drama American Animals, the 2021 musical Annette, and the 2006 romantic film Candy.

It’s not surprising, then, that there is no shortage of movie recommendations on Reddit. Users post their suggestions under the r/MovieSuggestions thread and the r/AskReddit thread.

These suggestions suggest some films that may not have been as popular when they were released in the first place.

1. Twice Upon a time (1983)

twice upon a timeA nightmare and a dream are the two main themes of the film. In the movie, the demons are controlled by Synonamess Botch, a character played by Marshall Efron. He has a mission to continue to bring nightmares to people who sleep.

While trying to prove that they could be better employees, Ralph The All Purpose Animal (voiced by Lorenzo Music) and Mumford set out to prove that they could do a better job.

Still, their actions mistakenly helped Synonamess Botch complete his plan. A Reddit user named bryanh bell suggests viewers check out Twice Upon a time if they can.

As far as the creators of Once Upon a Time are concerned, they have managed to create something that does not rely solely on computer-generated graphics as Pixar films do.

Or one that combines 2D animation with 3D animation as the creators of The Mitchells vs. the Machines did with The Mitchells vs. the Machines.

“Twice Upon a Time, according to the Redditor, is an animated film that was shot using a technique called Image, in which cutouts are animated by hand and lit from underneath instead of above.

Which means the light shines through the artwork rather than through the cutouts themselves, rather than through the cutouts themselves.”

2. The Burbs (1989)

the burbs

Reddit user Ok_Lengthiness_2590 regards the 1989 film The Burbs as one of the films his family loves and enjoys.

Reddit users share their “whole family loves” The Burbs among the movies Reddit users recommend to audiences. Mayfield Place is not a neighborhood that has a lot of unusual happenings.

A new family has moved into the area, and several neighbors, including Ray Peterson (Tom Hanks), have begun to have suspicions about them as they settle in.

Despite their bizarre behavior, the neighbors start to wonder whether they are murderers themselves due to their odd behavior.

Despite mediocre reviews, The ‘Burbs is considered one of the most successful movies of all time at the box office. There could be several reasons behind this, such as paranoia or the possibility that their neighbors perpetrate evil deeds against them.

Many viewers may appreciate not only Hanks’ performance in the film but also Bruce Dern’s performance as Mark Rumsfield in the film.

3. Oscar (1991)


I would recommend Oscar as a comedy action film to anyone looking for an action comedy. According to a Reddit user named DobRex, this film is a suitable choice for that purpose, and he recommends it.

As far as DobRex is concerned, the film is quite humorous and has a similar feel to 1985’s Clue.

According to him, he wished that his son, Angelo “Snaps” Provolone (Sylvester Stallone), would leave the gangster life of his childhood behind to fulfill his dying wish, which was Eduardo Provolone’s (Kirk Douglas’) dying wish as well.

Angelo must understand that although he does not like the idea of becoming a sole proprietor, he must accept his father’s offer to follow in his footsteps even though it is uncomfortable for him.

However, despite this, he is not concerned about earning money legally because he knows that his daughter, Lisa (Marisa Tomei), is about to give birth to a child in months.

The role Angelo portrays in Father of the Bride is very similar to the character played by Steve Martin in that movie, George Banks. GEORGE Banks is an overprotective father.

Even though Stallone’s character, Angelo, insists on finding a husband for his pregnant daughter, none of the contenders appear to have what it takes to pass the test, except Stallone’s character.

Angelo’s daughter runs into funny situations that affect him dramatically in the movies. In addition, there are unexpected situations that seem to affect Angelo dramatically.

4. Living In Oblivion (1995)

living in oblivion

Living in Oblivion, a 1995 satire, might be a suitable choice for those who enjoy film satire and humor that seems over the top.

Reddit user vhs_punk has suggested viewers watch the movie Life in Oblivion because, despite being a low-budget production, the movie has some enjoyable moments.

In terms of funding and marketing, Living in Oblivion is a powerful example of the struggles independent filmmakers face when attempting to get their films produced.

Among the stars of this film is Steve Buscemi, who plays Nick Reve, a filmmaker intent on making a low-budget film. He runs into some technical and non-technical difficulties during the movie’s production.

During the 2022 film The Bubble, the actors had to confront complicated relationships and tensions among their cast members, which might be different than what the characters from the film had to face while trying to film a movie during the pandemic of the year 2022.

5. Smoke Signals (1998)

Smoke Signals (1998)

Among the several recommendations that Redditor CinemaCity lists, one of the films they mention is Smoke Signals (1998), described as a “well-acted and well-written independent comedy-drama.

Which is about a tenuous friendship between two young men of Native American heritage” by Redditor CinemaCity. Both Thomas (Evan Adams) and Victor (Adam Beach) saw Arnold (Gary Farmer) differently, depending on the situation.

Despite Arnold saving Thomas from a fire when he was a child, his son, Victor, was only able to see his father’s alcoholism and violent behavior throughout his life.

This was despite his heroic efforts. Victor and Thomas take a road trip to retrieve Arnold’s remains after hearing about his death.

Several Native American directors, producers, and writers were involved in making Smoke Signals, making it the first film with Native American directors, producers, and writers. It features two characters going on a road trip together.

During their road trip, the couple confronts their feelings and attitudes toward Arnold, both positive and negative.

6. The Interview (1998)

The Interview (1998)

A user called Apellosine recommended the 1998 psychological thriller The Interview. He noted that it is an excellent psychological thriller starring Hugo Weaving, who plays Eddie Rodney Fleming, who is accused of stealing a car. It is one of the movies he recommends.

When the police entered his apartment and arrested him, this was the charge he was initially presented with when they entered his apartment. A lot of action takes place in the interrogation room during the film.

As a police officer asks Eddie questions, flashbacks, and dramatic camera angles are incorporated into the narrative to tell a story.

In the course of the story, viewers are made aware of the police officers’ true intentions as the story unfolds.

7. The Sapphires (2012)

The Sapphires (2012)

Redditor where_is_my_nose suggests that people who want to watch an underrated movie should consider watching The Sapphires (2012). According to him, “it’s a funny, heartwarming movie with a lot of catchy music.”

The Sapphires is a true story based on a true story of four young women who aspired to become famous singers.

Cynthia (Miranda Tapsell), Kay (Shari Sebbens), Gail (Deborah Mailman), and Julie (Jessica Mauboy) are set in 1968 Australia, where they meet Dave Lovelace (Chris O’Dowd).

In his search for the next big star, Dave saw potential in Indigenous women and started looking for them. The Sapphires is a comedy and a biography.

It tells the story of a young man who had to train his peers to sing to American troops in Vietnam. The catchy, upbeat songs that The Sapphires sing are perhaps the film’s most notable aspect.

8. The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013)

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013)

“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” a 2013 film with some beautiful locations and a very wholesome story, is recommended by the Redditor greenhedgehog9 for viewers to watch.”

When Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) sees the passing of his life in front of him, he decides to embrace his sense of adventure and exploration and embrace his life.

As a substitute for daydreaming about the places he could have visited, he is given the task of taking the last shot for the magazine instead of daydreaming about the places he might have been able to see.

A viewer who has watched the 2022 drama Severance starring Adam Scott as Mark, might have noticed some similarities between the show and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. This is because they tackle several similar themes and issues differently. They uniquely attack each other.

9. 1917 (2019)

1917 (2019)

There are many war films to choose from. Arteffect_avi suggests viewers watch 1917, stating that the entire movie was shot in one take. It also says that it won the Oscar for outstanding cinematography.

If you’re interested in a war movie, you should watch 1917. Throughout the film, Lance Corporal Tom Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) and Lance Corporal Will Schofield (George MacKay) deliver a message to Colonel MacKenzie.

They are responsible for providing a message warning Colonel MacKenzie’s troops to retreat in the face of an attack by the Germans. As both soldiers are aware, time is their enemy.

This is because they must deliver the message in time to save their comrades’ lives, which is a life-or-death issue. A total of three Academy Awards were awarded to 1917 in 2020 for Best Achievement in Cinematography, Best Achievement in Visual Effects, and Best Achievement in Sound Mixing.

10. Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)

 Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)

In a thread about “surprising, well-written, visually stunning hidden gems,” the user lounginaddict doesn’t need to say much in his comment “Everything Everywhere All at Once.”

In the absurdist comedy-drama, Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh) struggles to balance her hectic business, failing marriage, and messed up relationship with her daughter as she struggles to balance wild business and forget marriage.

This is why the protagonist must learn that she is the only one across the multiverse capable of saving everyone from certain doom.

This is why it’s the last thing she needs to hear. Even though the fan-favorite movie does not need an introduction to those who are fond of wacky films or anything that A24 distributes.

It still holds a special place in the hearts of those who are primarily interested in mainstream releases. The film is something every experienced viewer should see at least once in their lives. This is because it is a wild ride with a surprisingly philosophical message at the end.

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