Who Would You Choose to Be: Naruto or Obito? 


Naruto and Obito are like the two sides of the same coin. It is like Nauro is the light while Obito is the dark one. Although both of them lost whatever they had, only one could find hope and stay resilient. 

What’s more easy: giving up and harbouring hatred like Obito did or keep trying and staying happy like Naruto does? 

I’d say it is easier to stop caring and start hating. It takes a lot of effort to be hopeful and cheerful. Not everyone can do it, especially if there is no one at your side.

Some fans might say that Naruto had friends and parent-like figures to make him keep going whereas Obito had none. It was rightful of him to be like this. No. It wasn’t.  

First of all, Naruto wasn’t always loved and taken care of. He spent years in solitude, looking for a pat on his shoulder. Nobody was there to give him hope. He did it all by himself. In fact, it was his hope and resilience that allowed him to make friends. 

Unlike Naruto, Obito didn’t bother to find hope at all. The moment he saw Rin dying, he lost it. He couldn’t control his rage. He just let it all go. He gave up on his friend. He gave up on his own self. He chose to…

He chose to go into hiding, all alone. He didn’t let anyone take care of him. He waged a war just because he couldn’t see through the pain. He wasn’t strong enough to do so. I’d say he couldn’t find hope. 

Naruto didn’t even have any friends like Obito did yet he… 

Obito spent years in agony, plotting revenge. It was only after he met Naruto that he realized his mistakes. He could see his old self in Naruto. He could see how Naruto despite losing everything is still choosing to stay hopeful. He could see how Naruto is still trying to make it right. He could see how he is they are exact opposites. 

So who would you choose to be in uneven times: Naruto or Obito?

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya is a professional blogger, having 4+ years of experience with reputable online magazines, including usupdates, gistrat, newscase, and many more. She loves to cover entertainment niche, as she has a passion for watching and talking about multi-genere American, Korean, Japenese films, series, and anime. She critically analyzes everything to write unbiased reivews.

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