Who is Victor Timely in Comics?


MCU’s Loki Season 2 recently introduced us to Victor Timely, a variant of “He Who Remains” born and living in the 19th century. But DC Comics utters an entirely different story.

As per comics, Kang Prime uses his ancestor’s time machine to travel from the future to ancient times until he is forced to go into hiding. He travels to 1901 AD and establishes a fake identity as Victor Timely. Yes, the comics say that Victor Timely is, in fact, Kang’s disguised self, not any variant from a branched timeline.

Interestingly enough, in comics, Kang Prime ages at a quite slower rate than other humans. His full-body armor renders him superhuman strength and force fields, which contain an array of weapons. However, as Victor Timely, he appears to be mundane with average height, strength, and stamina.

As Victor Timely, Kang Prime founded the city of Timely, Wisconsin. He also became its first mayor, transforming it into a technological marvel within a century. He also built various factories and established Timely Industries. There he effectively introduced the basic principles of robotics, computer science, and much more. Nobody could ever think that all this knowledge is in fact from the future.

Since Kang couldn’t normally age over time. He schemed to replace Victor Timely with his son and then his grandson in turn. This means that he kept changing his guises to continue living in hiding.

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
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