Where is Elisabeth Fritzl Now? Learn About the Girl in the Basement


Elisabeth Fritzl, the brave survivor of 24-year-long captivity and sexual assault was set free back in 2008. Her father was arrested and sentenced to prison for a lifetime. She could finally breathe and live fearlessly with her children in the beautiful, open world. But it wasn’t liberation by all means. There was a long road ahead of them and I am proud to say that they did it. They confidently kept walking, recovering from the horrific traumas of the past. 

In fact, Elisabeth changed her name after the trial as it was suggested by the police and court. With a new identity, a positive spirit, and therapeutic help, she confidently moved on and has been living the life she always deserved. She is 57 years old as of 2023 whereas all of her six children are aged between 20 and 35. 

So where is Elisabeth Fritzle now? According to reports, Elisabeth and her children have been living in Austria for over a decade. The exact whereabouts are kept hidden from the world, ensuring their safety and peace. In fact, no one in the locality except the police and government is aware of their true identities. I believe this was for the best. This was the only way they could face the world without any fear or hesitation. No strings attached, a new beginning. 

Austrian authorities rendered Elisabeth with £54,000 in child allowance, ensuring that she doesn’t have to worry about finances. It is unclear whether Elisabeth decided to build her career afterwards or not. Obviously, she had to do something at a certain point in life, no?

A few months into this, it was reported that Elisabeth finally found the love of her life. It is said that she fell in love with her bodyguard, Thomas Wagner. He’s 23 years younger than her but age is just a number, right? It is also speculated that Elisabeth didn’t extend her family having a child with her husband.

So in short, Elisabeth Fritzle now is living in an Austrian neighbourhood with her husband and six children. I truly wish that they’re happy and enjoying their life to the fullest!

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
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