Top 10 All Natural Organic Tick Control Tips And Tricks


Mosquitos are tiny dearly creatures that can make your home a nightmare. Mosquito bites can make your home uncomfortable. They can also cause diseases such as Lyme disease. That’s why you shouldn’t tolerate them at home. Keep these tiny creatures away from your home using the following all-natural organic tick control tips and tricks.


There are several ways of repelling mosquitos. Besides natural mosquito repellants, there are several, natural ways of repelling mosquitos and ticks from your home. For instance, planting certain plants can eliminate mosquitos and ticks from your home.

Peppermint Can Work Like Magic

Unlike artificial mosquito repellants, peppermint comes with a mint aroma. This will keep mosquitos and ticks away while keeping your home fresh and inviting. Also, peppermint is safe for the skin. It doesn’t irritate the skin. Breathing peppermint won’t affect your respiratory system.

Peppermint scent is effective in relieving lung-related complications. It’s also important to note that peppermint contains powerful antifungal as well as antimicrobial properties. The best thing with peppermint is that it can also help you deal with ants.

Consider spraying peppermint scent around the house. Preferably, spray on the sides of your windows and door frame. Planting peppermint in decorated pots can also bring that freshness into your home while keeping mosquitos and ticks away.

Try Essential Oils For The Best Results

You can bank on essential oils such as Tea Tree to kick mosquitos and ticks from your home. Similarly, essential oils like Eucalyptus are effective in resisting mosquitos. Besides making your home mosquito-free, these oils come with powerful aromatic properties. Additionally, these oils are packed with anti-fungal as well as anti-bacterial properties, making your home safe from germs or bacteria.

Apply essential oil to your skin. It will protect it from mosquitos. Still more, applying it on the skin protects it against cold sores and bug bites. The essential oil can also enrich your skin. However, be sure to dilute essential oil before applying it to your skin.

Use Garlic

Garlic has a pungent smell. That’s why most people don’t love it. However, garlic cloves are packed with Allicin. Allicin is a type of essential oil that possesses an overpowering smell. Most mosquito species cannot bear this smell. Using garlic will automatically repel mosquitos and ticks and protect your family against any mosquito-caused disease.

Spread it on the skin. However, note that your skin will have that persistent pungent smell. Alternatively, consider adding a crushed form of garlic into hot water. Smear the content around your house. The best thing about garlic is that it lasts longer and is highly effective when it comes to dealing with mosquitos.

Use Camphor

Have you ever seen mosquitos and ticks in temples? Not. They cannot dare enter temples. The same applies to the prayer room. This is because the presence of camphor discourages them from visiting these places.

Naturally, mosquitos and ticks are used to the human scent. That’s why you will find them hanging around the living room and clothes. If you want to keep them away from your home, use camphor.

Consider lighting camphor in your home. Leaving it for just 30 minutes will scare away mosquitos. You can also refill it with some camphor balls. Add a cup of neem oil. Spray the solution around the house to keep mosquitos away.

Mosquito Repellent Plants Can Effectively Keep Mosquitos and ticks Away

Another effective way of dealing with mosquitos and ticks is using mosquito repellant-based plants such as Catnip as well as Feverfew. Planting them in nice pots and placing them around the windows will scare away mosquitos. They can also be placed near doors and other openings. This is one of the most natural ways of repelling mosquitos.

Use Bottle Trap

There are special traps that can minimize mosquitos in your house. Look for a plastic bottle. Add brown sugar to it. The next step involves adding warm water. Let it cool down. Once the content has cooled down, consider adding yeast. Fill the resulting solution in bottles and keep them in different locations. This liquid is effective in trapping mosquitos. The liquid can last up to 2 weeks.

Consider Using Tulsi

Tulsi, a common medical her, comes with powerful antimicrobial properties. Killing mosquitos and ticks from the larvae stage is very important. That’s where Tulsi comes in. Planting Tulsi in your home’s entrance will kill mosquitos.

Also, Tulsi can soothe your skin after a mosquito bite. Rub Tulsi on the bitten area of the skin. Consider planting Tulsi in your garden’s entrance. Rubbing in on your skin will help it heal after a mosquito bite. The antiseptic, antifungal, as well as powerful antibacterial properties of Tulsi can benefit your skin.

Why Don’t You Try Coffee Grounds?

Don’t throw away your coffee ground waste. It can help reduce mosquitos and ticks in your home. Sprinkling the coffee waste around the windows, doors, as well as corners will scare away mosquitos.

Lavender Oil Is Very Effective

Characterized by its pleasant scents, lavender oil can also repel bugs, mosquitos, and other parasites.  It doesn’t have any pungent smell. Also, lavender oil comes with a good scent. That’s why it’s used to make scented perfumes.

Purchase lavender oil extracts. Consider diluting and rubbing it on the skin before bedtime. Alternatively, plating lavender plants in pots can aesthetically transform your home while keeping these mosquitos and ticks away from your home.

Leverage Pest Repeller

You can use electronic devices to repel mosquitos. These devices release electrical signals. Most insects are sensitive to pain or fear. High-frequency electrical signals will kill or scare away insects.

Plus, these devices produce high-frequency sounds. To mosquitos, the sound is a sign of disaster or predator attack. Purchase the right devices. Consider plugging them around your house. Preferably, they should be installed in bedrooms and kitchens.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let mosquitos and ticks make your home inhabitable. You can keep them away. You can employ different strategies to keep them away from your home. For instance, peppermint and essential oils are some of the best natural ways of dealing with mosquitos. Other ways include using camphor and garlic. The above represents the top practical ways of getting rid of mosquitos.

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Rachel Crib
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