Maya Nazor, The Santa Fe Klan Girlfriend – Everything About Her


Maya Nazor, a well-known social media star who is also famous as the Santa Fe Klan girlfriend, has a huge fan following. After her immense success as a star and popularity due to her boyfriend, all of her fans are curious to know about her. For this purpose, we are here with this post to provide quick insights about this unique personality. We will cover all information about her biography, family, and also her relationship with her boyfriend.

Quick Facts

First Name Maya
Sur Name Nazor
Age 24 Years (As of 2023)
Date of Birth January 5, 1999.
Profession Instagram Star
Birth Star Saggitarius
Nationality Mexican
Place of Birth Mexico

Who is Maya Nazor?

Maya Nazor is a well-known social media star with a huge fan following. She is basically from Mexico and is currently living a luxurious life there with her family. This young, gorgeous lady started her career in 2016 when she created her Instagram account. She is famous due to her amazing content creation for the audience.

Maya Nazor, The Santa Fe Klan Girlfriend - Everything About Her

Maya Nazor shares lifestyle vlogs and styling videos on her account to amuse her fans. She presents herself in such an attractive way that now she has followers in millions who are supporting her as a model and vlogger. Not only on Instagram, she is also famous on other social media platforms, including TikTok and YouTube.

Maya Nazor’s Family

Maya was born in a Christian family in Mexico. She was brought up in Christian ways, due to which she is also a true follower of her religion. Her parent’s names are unknown, as she has never disclosed any information regarding them.

Maya Nazor, The Santa Fe Klan Girlfriend - Everything About Her

There is not much information available about her family. All we know is that she is the eldest sister of her two younger sisters. Both of her sisters are not public figures, so their occupation is also unknown. 

Relationship With Santa Fe Klan 

Maya Nazor is currently involved in a romantic relationship with Santa Fe Klan, who is a famous Mexican rapper. Both of them have been sharing a deep bond of love and intimacy for a long time. It is not specified how long they have been dating, but it is said they both are involved from last year when Maya revealed her crush on his boyfriend in her YouTube video.

Maya Nazor, The Santa Fe Klan Girlfriend - Everything About Her

They have been together for a year, so it is highly expected that they both move forward to take a new turn in their relationship. This is just fan speculation, not confirmed news. However, it is also possible both of them first focus on their career and personal growth, then they will move forward, so we have to wait to see them united as a couple.


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