Unspoken Truth Behind Michelle Ntalami’s Controversial Birthday ‘Free Advertising’ Scheme


It was back in 2021 when Michelle Ntalami, a popular businesswoman, stirred the social media just before her 36th birthday.

She made a call to all Kenyan brands, showing interest in endorsing their products free of charge.

However, the majority of Kenyan people saw it as a way to exploit small businesses because she clearly mentioned, “I only get to keep the items that I like, or whatever you choose to bless me with from your collection!

This threw Michelle Ntalami into the pool of controversy. Let’s get to the details, unfolding the drama to see whether she really intended to exploit or people just made a fuss out of nothing.

The Pro-Bono Brand Endorsement Shoot Plan

4 months before her birthday, on June 7, 2021, Michelle Ntalami posted on her Instagram:

Hey hey fam! Y’all already know every year for my birthday in June I do a kick ass photoshoot.☺️ This year I want to make it a little different. We always expect to receive love and gifts on our birthdays.Michelle Ntalami Birthday

But this time, that’s exactly what I want to give back. You guys have always loved and supported both @marini.naturals and I throughout my business journey, and now I’m paying it forward.

I’d like to wear and promote Kenyan brands and business for my photoshoot! 🙌🏾🇰🇪I’m calling it #MyMadeInKe Birthday!😊🎁

This is a pro-bono shoot for all the brands and people I will partner with! (I.e no charges) I only get to keep the items that I like, or whatever you choose to bless me with from your collection!😊 I’ve already got the concept, so all I need is the awesome team and brands to put it all together!🌟


– Photographer

– MakeUp Artist

– Personal Stylist and Shopper (must be super thorough in sourcing everything we’d need)

– Shoes/FMBoots

– Fedoras and hats

– Bespoke/Tailored outfits

– Lingerie & Shapewear

– Unique/over-the-top headwear, jewelry and accessories

– Hairstyling and elegant wigs

– 4-5 Star Hotel, Luxury Residence or Suites.

If you fall under any of these categories, or know someone/a brand that does, please tag them and below ensuring that they’re already down to do this, and send me a DM on the same expressing your interest.

If I like what you’re about, we’re on! I will be updating this post as the positions get filled. As you guys already know my standards are always A1, so make sure by the time you’re signing up you’re up to the task! 😉 Final decisions on my team I’ll work with will be made by this Wednesday.. so let’s gooo!🙌🏾😊

#MichelleNtalami #AMadeInKEBirthday #GiveBackTheLove ♥️🇰🇪

Around 1,000 people commented on Michelle’s surprising post, some of which appreciated her on the idea of giving back while some trolled her for her plan to exploit Kenyan businesses. For instance, one Instagram user commented “lol what a beggar”.

She basically planned to showcase Kenyan brands in her birthday photos with an intention to help them grow, but unfortunately, this idea didn’t sit right with the audience.

Two days later, on June 9, 2021, Victor Otengo shared that Michelle Ntalami is in trouble for trying to use small businesses for her birthday celebration.

Backlash from Disappointed Fans#mymadeinke

Instead of getting support, Ntalami received a lot of criticism from her followers. People were upset because, even though she said she was giving back, it seemed like she was benefiting personally.

Disappointed fans also expressed their unhappiness on Twitter, and it got so intense that Ntalami turned off the comments on her post.

The Truth Behind Michelle Ntalami’s Proposal

Ntalami’s birthday plan was a bit tricky, but she didn’t mean to exploit anyone.

The only mistake she made is that she mentioned in her post caption that she could keep anything she liked or that the brands decided to give her as a gift from their collections. This caught the unwanted attention of the so-called critics’ audience.

They interpreted that Michelle wants to work with brands that would give her things for her photoshoot, and in exchange, she would promote them for free.

Come to think of it, isn’t this how brand endorsements work? Even every paid model is gifted brand products.

So what was wrong with Michelle asking for it, especially, when she was ready to endorse the brands for free. Nothing other than people’s thinking was wrong.

Hafsa Qayyum
Hafsa Qayyum
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