Marine Shannon Ihrke Posed in a Sexy Calendar As a Model


Maxim, former Marine Shannon Ihrke, posed in a sexy way in a military calendar and showed off her body in camo outfits. The 29 years old Shannon joined the military at the age of 19 and served duty for four years.

She made the military Glamour Calendar 2019 star and cut her teeth as a model. Shannon was featured as a Maxim cover girl. She was doing a job as an administrative specialist in the military and became a sergeant, and after that, modeling was her ambition.

According to the model, women in the Marine corps work so hard to feel equal to men. Some people think that I would not keep up physically, but it was a wrong perception about me. I accepted the challenge and proved them wrong.

Shannon said, I worked hard and came in guns. There was not anything that could be pushed around, brushed off, and not taken seriously. My job in the force made me smarter, faster, and stronger.
Marine Shannon Ihrke

Moreover, she said, I pushed my body harder than I could ever imagine and learned to remain calm as well as collected during the chaos. I really love it because I became part of something bigger than myself.

She started guns blazing to earn the respect of her male peers as a Marine. She said that in the modeling world, you push yourself because no one is doing it for you. Shannon became a sergeant and traveled around the work.

She thanked GI Bill and earned a science degree from Elmhurst College in Illinois. So in this way, she turned herself into modeling after leaving the Marines. Furthermore, she said, I owed the Marine Corps the life that gave me a reason to wake up, push myself, and set goals.

Ihrek has a flourished modeling career and being a cover girl; She has 105000 loyal Instagram followers. Some people spend their entire life if they made a difference in the world, but the Marines don’t have that problem. There was not active duty, and she will always bleed green.
Marine Shannon Ihrke

Had I not had other streams I wanted to accomplish in my life, I would have re-enlisted without hesitation. I am not longer active on duty and always bleed green.

On her Instagram account, The stunning girl shared pictures of Midwest life riding horses and snaps from her glamorous bikini and lingerie shoots behind the scenes shots from Thomas Prusso’s calendar.

Also, she also wrote in a post; these girls are all kind of funny, kind, genuine, and beautiful inside as they are outside. Honestly, I love each one of these girls.

The calendar’s owner is based in San Diego, California, and described himself as a military glamour photographer in the air force for six and a half years. The model said Marine gave me a reason to wake up and push myself and set goals and push myself for harder and tough work.

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