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Maria Gjieli is the American sensation who’s more than just a model – she’s a star on Instagram, loved by social media fans. Maria didn’t get lucky or accidentally became famous but in fact, she worked hard for it.

By posting amazing and attractive photos and videos on Instagram, she grabbed everyone’s attention in a short time period. Now, with millions of followers, she’s a true social media celebrity.

In this article, we’ll uncover Maria Gjieli’s biography, explaining how she became a star on Instagram and achieved unprecedented fame.

Early Life and Education

Maria Gjieli was born on August 10, 1997, in New York City. She grew up in the city with her parents and siblings, and her childhood was shaped by the lively and diverse environment of urban life. Being in New York City, Maria’s early years were influenced by the rich cultural mix of the city.

She went through the local school system, where she laid the groundwork for her future. Later on, Maria graduated from a prestigious university in New York, completing her formal education.

It was during these early years of education that Maria’s interest in the world of modeling started to develop.


Maria started her career as a model but transitioned into different roles at different points throughout her career.


While Maria was in university, she discovered that she really enjoyed modeling. This interest became a significant part of her future plans.

Maria’s fascination with the fashion industry grew, and it turned into a strong desire to make a name for herself in the modeling world.Maria Gijeli Career

Adult Content

After investing a lot of time and effort in modeling, Maria started to work as an adult actress. Her journey into modeling began with smaller projects, especially for adult studios, which laid the foundation for her future work.

Instagram Fame and Brand Collaborations

As an actress and model, she entered the social media world to create her digital presence. She joined Instagram back in 2013 and has attracted many fans through her content.

Maria became famous through Instagram. Her stunning modeling pictures caught the attention of more and more people, making her really popular.

As the number of people following her on Instagram increased, Maria started representing well-known brands in sports, lingerie, makeup, and swimwear.

Collaborations with big names like Baddies Illustrated and Fashion Nova Curve made her a significant figure in the fashion and modeling world.

In her Instagram posts, Maria didn’t just stick to one style. She smoothly switched between showing off fashionable looks and more provocative adult content.

This unique way of expressing herself not only brought her more followers but also opened doors for her to be featured in various adult content magazines. This helped establish her presence in the adult entertainment industry as well.

Maria teamed up with different modeling agencies to enhance her skills, mastering various poses and honing her craft. Simultaneously, she ventured into the adult entertainment industry, initially as a model and later as a creator of adult content.Maria Gijeli Net Worth

YouTube Channel

In 2007, Maria started making videos on YouTube. She made a channel with her own name to share bits of her life with more people. Her first video, titled “Hiking in Costa Rica,” was the start of her making content on the platform.

Even though she’s not posting videos right now, many people subscribed to her channel. This shows that Maria is good at different things, not just modeling and adult entertainment.

Personal Life

Maria Gjieli doesn’t talk much about her personal life, especially when it comes to who she’s dating. Even though she’s known by the public, she hasn’t shared details about her past or current relationships.

Besides her work, Maria has a bunch of different interests. She likes to paint, and sing and really enjoys Italian and Mexican food. This gives us a peek into the different sides of her personality beyond what we see in public.Maria Gijeli Height

Net Worth

In 2023, Maria Gjieli is thought to have a net worth somewhere between 1 and 3 million dollars.

She earns money from different things like working in the web series, doing modeling work, appearing in commercials, promoting brands, doing advertisements, and getting involved in various business projects.

Little-Known Facts

  • Maria is from New York City, USA.
  • She really likes going to New Zealand for holidays.
  • Her favorite color is brown.
  • Maria is a big animal lover and has pet dogs and cats at home.
  • She enjoys playing the guitar and piano because she loves music.
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