Manifest: will there be a season 5? S4 ending explained, part 2 release date on Netflix!


Manifest started with a fantastic premise and some interesting characters but spent the first several episodes in a sprint to reveal and establish the “callings”. That was forced, relying on impossible coincidences, dopey scenarios, and one-dimensional characters.

Fortunately, the writers and director slowed down so Manifest wasn’t consumed by campiness and could give you a halfway-believable backdrop for the leading suspension of disbelief. And they finally fleshed out the characters a bit.

However, the writing keeps clumsily lurching between “returned from the dead on a magic time-traveling plane” and “nobody believes we have ESP or whatever”.


Most of the drama is based on contrived misunderstandings where nobody can get four words out before being interrupted. Ben and Grace, Michaela and Jared, no one can sit down for five minutes and have a real conversation.

The plot turns are clever. However, not as predictable as you’d think, and the acting is outstanding. That saves the show from becoming too clunky to watch.

A fantastic show that genuinely keeps you hooked. It explores a wide range of disciplines, and sure there are some plotholes here and there, but the plot sure goes on.

It never gets boring or slow and is engaging if you can get past the plot holes and “because it says so in the script” parts.


Manifest bobs

When is Manifest season 4, part 2 out?

Netflix released the first ten episodes of season 4 on 4 November on Netflix. However, it will be a long wait until the four episodes of the final season are released on the streaming site. Part 2 of season 4 will contain another ten episodes. And these episodes are decided to be released on 2 June 2023.

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