Loki Season 2 Episode 4 Written Update – Did TVA Explode?


Loki Season 2 Episode 4 entitled “The Nexus Event” will literally wrench your heart, keeping you on the edge. I just loved the way it connected all the dots. Goosebumps and excitement both are doubled.

Let me tell you what happened in the fourth episode and how well it was executed.

Loki Season 2 Episode 4 starts with Miss Minutes showing a clip (memory), in which “He Who Remains” and Renslayer are standing together at the end of the time. This is the same clip whose voice recording Loki heard in the 1st episode while he was in the past.

We see him appreciating her saying “Ravonna Renslayer, you are quite a marvel. I’ll be proud to lead with you. You made a difference in this war. Thank you for being a part of my team”. However, as soon as Renslayer leaves, he asks Miss Minutes to run pull up Protocol 42. She asks, “Is it time”, and he responds “Erase her memories”, “Erase all their memories”. He’s seen saying “I’m sorry” as the clip ends.

Renslayer then realizes the truth and asks “I was here, I helped win?”. Miss Minutes replies,  “Yes. You didn’t just help. It was you who commanded the army”.

This means that Renslayer has always been at his side, ruling the world as she wanted. But he betrayed her. Miss Minutes then proposes to Renslayer that “maybe we don’t need him”.

The scene shifts to TVA, where we see Mobius, B-15, and Loki convincing Victor Timely to be on their side. They all rush to scale the Temporal Loom, as it is about to reach a catastrophic failure.

Meanwhile, we witness that Ouroboros and Timely both are too amazed to meet each other. The reason is that Timely became a scientist while reading the TVA handbook, which is written by Ouroboros. Whereas Ouroboros, in fact, learned everything (he wrote) from Timely himself. This creates a predestination paradox. Who came first: chicken or egg?

Unbeknownst to everyone, Renslayer and Miss Minutes arrive at TVA with the intention of taking it over. They approach the detained Dox and her team, including Hunter X5 for help. Since b-15 had talked Dox out, convincing her to choose the right side to save TVA, she refuses to help Renslayer. Only X5 agrees to side with Renslayer and Miss Minutes, leaving Dox and her loyalists to be crushed to death. It was too horrific to watch them all die.

On Renslayer’s orders, X5 prunes Hunter D-90 and cleverly kidnaps Timely. While Loki is looking for Timely, he comes across his time-slipping past self. There he understands that it was, in fact, his future self who prunes his past self. There we see the scene where the time-slipping Loki sees Sylvi coming out of the elevator while being pruned.

Since Miss Minutes is controlling all the TVA, including their gadgets, Ouroboros is left with no other choice than to reboot the system. This not only deactivates Miss Minutes but also TVA’s magic-dampeners.

Now allowed to do magic, Sylvie and Loki quickly find and enchant X5. They control him to prune Renslayer, rescuing Timely.

Using Timely’s live aura, O.B. succeeds in accessing the Temporal Loom and opening its doors.

However, just as Timely steps inside to fix the loom, he is spaghettified. Yes, he died or I should say perished quickly due to the immense radations.

He failed to launch the Throughput Multiplier, which could help fix the Loom. So we see Temporal Loom exploding, with the blast waves spreading towards Loki, Mobius, Sylvie, B-15, Casey, and O.B.

So what is going to happen next? Will they all die or Loki and Sylvie’s magic will somehow save them? Let’s see what lies ahead…

Stay tuned with me for more “Loki” updates, reviews, and spoilers.

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
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