John Mongrel, The Psychopathic Criminal, Rapist, and Murderer: Dead or Alive?


John Mongrel was a psychopathic criminal in South Africa. He rose to infamy through his leadership within Pollsmoor Prison’s notorious 28s gang. In fact, he found a way to worldwide fame when he was featured in the documentary series “Ross Kemp on Gangs-South Africa” edition.

Now let’s discuss all about John Mongrel, exploring how he became a convicted murderer and rapist.

Early Life

Details regarding John Mongrel’s early life are scant. There’s barely any information available about his birthplace, family background, or educational history.

He reportedly entered Pollsmoor Prison at the age of 14, embracing the criminal world forever.

Notorious Work Line

According to a variety of resources, John Mongrel was first arrested primarily due to his involvement in criminal activities associated with the Mongrel Mob, a notorious organized street gang and prison gang based in New Zealand.

The Mongrel Mob is known for engaging in various illegal activities, including drug trafficking, weapon trafficking, extortion, assault, murder, robbery, theft, money laundering, domestic violence, and rape.

John’s life didn’t go dark after the arrest. In fact, his notorious career unfolded within the confines of Pollsmoor Prison, where he established himself as a formidable leader within the 28s gang.

He prevailed over fear and violence embodying religious beliefs to maintain his authority. For sure, it was all that he needed to pull through the complex dynamics of South Africa’s prison system.

The unbelievable fun fact is that his notoriety extended beyond prison walls, earning him a place in the spotlight through his portrayal in a popular documentary series.

Portrayal in Kemp’s Documentary SeriesJohn Mongrel Rapist, and Murderer

“Ross Kemp on Gangs-South Africa” is a television series created and hosted by actor and investigative journalist Ross Kemp.

It was aired in 2005, taking us deep into the complex world of South Africa’s criminal underworld. The show particularly focused on South Africa’s prison system.

Among other criminals, this TV show featured John Mongrel and Kemp interviewed him.

Kemp’s fearless approach to investigative journalism and his firsthand experience in high-risk environments lent authenticity to the portrayal of Mongrel.

Through compelling storytelling and dramatic reenactments, the series explored themes such as power, violence, survival, and the human psyche.

Audience reactions to the series varied, with many viewers captivated by its gripping portrayal of life within the prison system.

The brutality depicted on screen shocked and disturbed some, while others praised the show for shedding light on an often overlooked aspect of society.

Indeed, the “Ross Kemp on Gangs-South Africa” offered a rare glimpse into the harsh realities of South Africa’s criminal underworld, especially what Mongrel thinks about his wrongdoings.

Personal Life

Details about John Mongrel’s personal life, including relationships or familial connections, remain unknown to date. He was known to keep his personal affairs private, likely due to his ties to the criminal underworld.

All we know so far (based on his documentary and audience claims), he is gay. Yes, he is gay who brutally raped and murdered men. But he never agreed with this.

Net Worth

John Mongrel’s financial status also remains unknown to the world. There is no public information available about his earnings or assets.

We can surely state that since he was a prisoner and gang leader, his wealth, if any, would have been derived from illicit activities within the prison system.

Controversies and Audience Reaction

Unfortunately, John Mongrel’s whole was controversial. It was all due to his involvement in criminal gang activities. He had a reputation for violence and intimidation garnering significant attention, which made him surrounded by a number of controversies.

Moreover, his portrayal in the media and his notoriety within Pollsmoor Prison made him a polarizing figure. Just as he gained supporters lauding his leadership, various critics condemned his methods.

In fact, someone posted a video of John Mongrel’s interview from the Kemp’s documentary on Reddit and a user commented:

“John Mongrel is the brutal general and leader of the 28s in Pollsmoor prison. Mongrel entered Pollsmoor at the age of 14 and immediately took a liking for gang life.

He wanted to become a 28 and therefore killed one of his cell mates by stabbing him through the heart. This was done before Mongrel’s 15th birthday.

Unlike other prisons Mongrel has ensured that the 28s are top of the chain in Pollsmoor Prison and demands that the other numbers listen to every word he says.

Should a 27 member step out of line Mongrel will carry out the duty of killing these members himself, a ritual that is far from the teachings passed down.

Numbers vary but it is believed that Mongrel has been responsible for over 1000 deaths inside Pollsmoor either directly or indirectly in his 30 years in the prison.

Mongrel gained international notoriety when he was featured on the TV series Ross Kemp on Gangs. Kemp said Mongrel was the scariest man he had ever met.

He went on to say “The memory of his breath will stay with me for a long time — it smelled like road kill left out in the sun.

Since he’d been inside, he’d cut out a warder’s eye and he rapes a different inmate every three weeks. He described how he kills with a toothbrush melted to a point. He was heavily tattooed but, instead of needles, he’d use a razor blade”

Another Reddit user commented: “The amount of wildy delusional shit that goes through this trash’s mind is astounding. He talks about killing people like it is a natural logical consequence of disobeying his psychotic orders.

It’s hilarious how these institutionalized scumbags are in extreme denial about prison rape. I’ve heard of people trying to use extremely warped concepts to avoid being called out for some gay shit. I think you might be in denial, if you take that pretty big leap in justification.”John Mongrel Supposed Death

Supposed Death

You’d be shocked to know that many people believe that he’s alive. Here’s what Reddit users say about John Mongrel’s death:

John Mongrel can be dubbed as one of the top and most famous of the infamous prison, Pollsmoor Prison from where many of the prisoners don’t see a way to come out.

Likewise, the exact cause of John’s death is still in debate as of today.

While many argue that he died while inside his time in the prison, some sources argue that he died of a heart attack in his home after he was released from the prison in 2014.

How the hell do they release someone like this?

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