Gregg Homan Biography: Career, Love Life, Net Worth & Much More


Gregg Homan is a popular person in the world of American celebrities. He’s well-known for being linked to Angelica Panganiban, who is a famous Filipina-American model, actress, TV personality, and comedian.

This article takes a close look at Gregg Homan’s life, covering everything from his childhood to his successful career.

It shares interesting information about him, highlighting that he is an Australian businessman and a social media sensation.

Early Life

Gregg Homan is a well-known guy born on March 17, 1994, in Subic. His family is a mix of Australian and Filipino backgrounds, with his dad being Australian (Mark David Charlson) and his mom Filipino.

Sadly, his mom passed away in 2008, and she was buried in Singapore. Gregg grew up in Subic, Australia, with his sister Tanya. We don’t know much about his schooling, but it seems he got his education in Subic.


Gregg Homan became more well-known because of his work in Subic’s hospitality industry. He wasn’t just at Mangrove Resort Hotel; he played a big part in running things at Vasco’s Scuba Dive Resort too.

Although people talk now and then about him being in movies, we don’t know many details about that side of his career.

What we do know is that Gregg’s hard work and interesting life have played a big role in making him successful on social media.Gregg Homan Net Worth

Social Media Stardom

Gregg Homan became famous mainly because of his Instagram game. Being a good-looking guy, he used his charming face to get a lot of people interested in what he was up to.

You can find him on Instagram with the handle @gregg_homan, where he posts about his life, talks about products, and connects with his followers.

When he revealed that he was in a relationship with Angelica Panganiban, it made even more people follow him on Instagram. It shows how much his interesting online presence matters.

Love Life

Gregg Homan is not married at the moment. But, people are pretty interested in his love story because he’s romantically involved with Angelica Panganiban, a famous actress.

They first told everyone about their relationship in January 2021 through their Instagram accounts.

Gregg and Angelica’s love story started with a simple meeting and turned into something special. When they first met, Angelica mentioned her food struggles in Subic.

Gregg saw this as a chance to talk to her more and find out what she likes. A few days later, he surprised her and her crew with meals, which kick-started their connection.

In the beginning, Angelica often brought friends when they hung out. But as time went on, they realized they really enjoyed each other’s company when it was just the two of them.

Their connection got stronger after they worked together on a series. Angelica decided to stay longer in Subic, and when she had to go back to Manila, Gregg went with her, showing that he wanted to spend more time together.

When people asked about their relationship, Gregg said it just felt easy to connect. They once talked about being friends even if they weren’t romantically involved, highlighting how much they had in common.

Gregg and Angelica’s relationship is a mix of sweet gestures, shared moments, and a real connection that grew from a random meeting into something meaningful. Their story is all about being simple and real, showing how strong their bond is.Gregg Homan

Net Worth

As of 2023, Gregg Homan’s net worth is estimated to be between US$100,000 to $500,000.

Most of his cash comes from promoting stuff on his Instagram account, where he takes advantage of how many people follow him.

Making money through social media has definitely played a big part in Homan’s financial success.


Gregg Homan’s life story is about a young Australian guy who faced life’s ups and downs, made it big in the hospitality industry, and became a social media star.

His personal life, especially his well-known relationship, adds an interesting twist to his public image.

As he keeps going in the world of social media and beyond, Gregg Homan stays captivating for his fans and followers.

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