FBI Agent Sally Moyer Is Seen For the First Time After Her Identity Was Revealed


Sally Moyer, an FBI agent, working on Hillary Clinton’s email investigation, is captured after revealing her identity by the league. She is traded anti-trump texts with her FBI colleague lover’s coordination pictured now when she disclosed as an agent.

Sally Moyer is 44 years old lady who worked f**k Trump and is known as a voter of Trump. It is well-decided that she will quit at the spot when he gets the victory from the election. When he is leaving her home on Friday morning, we find her wearing dark pants with a floral top.

She quaked her head and said no to the reporters for having further discussions for further details. She did that when she is moving towards her car in the rain without having any umbrella.

Moyer’s instant messages and text that she got from her FBI devices last Friday, including an inspector general report, consists of 588 pages. The report consists of the details about the texts, messages, and other important concerns related to the Clinton Investigations. This week, in the congressional hearing, Rep. Mark Meadows has disclosed the name of Moyer. However, the reports show her name as “Agent 5” only.

Moyer is an attorney and enumerated constitutionalist who is working as an FBI agent at least since September 2006. She has worked for a law Crowell & Moring firm before becoming an FBI agent. She got a graduate degree in political science from Allegheny College in 1996.

Moreover, she was captured when she was leaving her home in Washington D.C. on Friday. However, she refuses to discuss any controversy regarding these concerns.

Sally Moyer 1

Moyer is married to a colleague of hers and helps her investigate Hillary Clinton’s messages. She works for the “filter team.” It is a team of government officials who investigate the information received by the FBI. They find out that the obtained data is “Privileged” or can be advantageous to use in FBI investigations.

Sally Moyer 2

Sometimes, Moyer exchanges the information and text to another FBI agent that one is mentioned as “Agent 1” in the reports. She does that to get the correct and reliable data regarding the issues.

Moyer and Agent 1 is having a good relationship, and according to the report, both have since married. And the name of agent 1 is not mentioned in the report.

Agent 1 is allotted to investigate the “Waste of resources and time.” Obviously, this exercise is looking so pointless, and everyone who is appointing on it. Said agent 1 to Moyer on 26th October 2015.

However, several messages pointing out Trump directly as shown under:

1 text

In another exchange on 1st August 2016, Moyer said to agent 1 that anyone who is enjoying this appointment is an f***ng idiot’.

2 text

On 9th September 2016, Moyer complaining about her co-colleagues through a text message. She said that she might have another Trump bunch and a group of Trump’s supporters like that in Ohio.

In another message by agent 1, he said that our investigation was almost completed in March 2016. It does not matter what will be the matter. The political gusts want to beat the first election. This message was sent by agent 1 to another confidential official.

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