Elevator shoes – a great morale booster


Shoes are a unique component of dressing and fashion generally. A good sense of fashion isn’t complete without good shoes but attention is now shifting to shoes that are fashionable and at the same time beneficial. An example of such shoes is the elevator shoe. Elevator shoes are gaining more and more momentum these days and this is because they are suitable shoes with benefits. Here are the benefits.

They are height-increasing shoes.

Elevator shoes are loved for many reasons among which is that they increase height. This is so valid that every other seeming benefit is one way or the other attributed to this point. And this is because just as the name suggests, elevator shoes have elevator insoles that slightly increase the height of the shoe and subsequently the height of the person wearing it. This is more beneficial to people who are short or want to increase height.

They are slimming shoes.

Yes, that’s right. Elevator shoes may make you appear slimmer because they help to increase height by making the legs longer. And it is a fact that longer legs tend to make one appear slimmer. If you need to look slimmer, elevator shoes may be what you need.

Elevator shoes are super comfortable

Many times people feel uncomfortable with their shoes, this may be partly due to poor design. However, elevator shoes can provide extra comfort that will help to ease pressure. Because with elevator insoles come extra cushion which would help to relieve pressure against the floor and thus bring comfort. Most shoes are not like this, they are flat insoles that make it uncomfortable.

Elevator shoes give  self-confidence and morale boost

Elevator shoes may be what many need to boost their confidence and morale in a social gathering. Self-confidence is needed in our everyday life. It helps us to express ourselves in the way we wish to, hold conversations with people we love, and enjoy ourselves in society. Using elevator shoes gives this sense of confidence and morale boost. The reason isn’t far-fetched. By increasing height this sense of self-confidence is possible.  It is generally believed that tall people are confident people.  This increased height has a way of giving morale boost and self-confidence. It is human psychology.

Elevator shoes can boost attentiveness

Elevation shoes are so good at boosting attentiveness, especially with the opposite sex. This is because elevator shoes increase height, increasing it increases the chance of being noticed. Of course, this is true when we look at it from the point of how we relate to and see other humans. You would notice that tall people are easily noticeable and recognized compared to shorter people.

Elevator shoes can promote good posture

This is a profound health benefit of elevator shoes. Bad posture is often a cause of body pain. Elevator shoes can help you prevent it. How would this happen? Elevator shoes would help to increase height and by doing that more upright walking is possible. In summary, elevator shoes would encourage more upright walking that would help to correct bad posture in walking and then the chances of having body pain is reduced.

Elevator shoes are fashionable

Apart from increasing height, improving attractiveness and promoting upright movement, elevator shoes are so fashionable. It doesn’t matter how selective an individual may be, elevator shoes are sure to add more swag to the individual’s fashion sense. And this is why in recent times, a lot of celebrities and stars are turning to elevator shoes.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
Rachel has lived in Lancaster her whole life. Trish has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications including the Yahoo News and the Lancaster Post. As a journalist for The Tiger News, Cristina covers national and international developments.

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