Can Kamala Use Her Powers Without Quantum Band?


Until the end of the Ms. Marvel series, we believed that Kamala’s magical bangle granted her the power to manipulate cosmic energy. But it wasn’t the truth. The bangle only unlocked her ability to harness the cosmic energy and create hard light using it. She always had this power because she’s a human-mutant.

Yes. Kamala Khan has mutant genes. This makes sense because Kamala’s grandmother was a Djinn from the Noor dimension. She inherited the power.

The Marvels (2023) revealed that Kamala Khan’s magical bangle is, in fact, a quantum band. This is one of the most powerful relics of the Kree Empire. This energy-manipulating object can amplify its wielder’s superpowers, allowing them to create energy constructs and Quantum jumps. Anything or anyone can travel through space using the Quantum jumps. Amazing, isn’t it? But Kamala has never used her Quantum band to its full extent.

Now comes the most important question: can Kamala use her powers without a Quantum band? Definitely yes.

The Quantum Band was never the source of Kamala’s power. Her power comes straight from the Noor Dimension. It kicked off her dormant genes, allowing her to harness the ability to use cosmic energy from her ancestral dimension. So even if she takes her bangle, the Quantum band off, she can use her powers. That’s awesome, no?

So why Kamala is still wearing her bangle? That’s probably because Kamala’s powers will not remain stronger without the bangle. It amplifies them, connecting her to the Noor Dimension.

What’s more interesting here is that now she has a pair of Quantum Bands. Who’ll wear the other bangle? This is a story for another time. Stay tuned.

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
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