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Baby Pharmacist Princes is a fantasy written by Eun Ryeo Won. The season will be released on 5 June 2023. This anime series is in Korean and is the story of a cute little princess.

The little girl was born into the royal family; therefore, the emperor always thinks about her. Cherise is different from her siblings as she has enough strength to protect herself in the fight.

She was the youngest among others and experienced Balkan worrying about his children. Elise has no magical power or strength but modern knowledge and experience.

Well, all things will end well for Cherise, and his highness will be less anxious about Cherise after learning about her discoveries. The story’s main protagonist is Yoon Che Ri, a pharmaceutical university graduate.

However, she was also a hardcore gamer who loved playing every VR game in her free time. Once she clicked the wrong button and in the result, a red rabbit appeared.

This red rabbit put her in debt to the game and ended up possessing the game’s princess character, Cherise. There was only one way to log out of the game and return to the original life.

At the beginning of the game, she has the ability to use pharmaceuticals as her future quests are set to be focused on it.

Moreover, the cute little girl believes that if things continue to be like this, then it might be possible for her to be able to pay debt and return to her original world.

However, in the imaginary world, Prince Cherise possesses no magical powers or strengths that are considerably weak. All the siblings were fighting for the throne, but she had no means to do it, and some were from some damage.

That is a short story intro as chapter 1 has been completed, and everyone wants to know the spoilers of Baby PharmacistPrincess Chapter 13.

Release Date of Baby Pharmacist Princess Chapter 13

The latest chapter was released on 12th August 2023, so everyone can watch and enjoy the story now. In the latest chapter, Cherise makes remarkable discoveries with her wide knowledge.

This chapter is available online on many sites, especially Zinmanhwa, but no official English translation site is available.

  • Korea: 12th August 2023, 10 am
  • USA: 12th August 2023, 10 am
  • India: 12th August 2023, 8 pm
  • Japan: 12th August 2023, 12 am
  • UK: 13th August, 2023, 3 pm
  • Philippines: 12th August, 2023, 11 pm
  • Australia: 12th August, 2023, 1 am

Recap of Baby Pharmacist Princess

Cherise was busy making discoveries according to pharmaceutical knowledge, and in the recent one, uslum’s extract, known as apricot. Many people think it is not consumable, but Cherist insists it is great for digestion.

Well, with the help of kitchen workers, she begins to make things as medicine. Cherise adds scrubs, sugar, uslum, and adds water to it.

Moreover, he asks for help from the gardener to remove the seeds of uslum, which is an apricot. The caretaker asks how long the medicine will take to be prepared and tells them 100 days.

The caretaker was also worried about her Highness and told her that she would ask for help from a magician to speed up the process.

The next day, the medicine is ready, and she brings it to Her Highness, but she feels sad when she does not find it in her studies.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, There is a great story of a cute and informative baby pharmaicts princess. Fans loved it, and young pharmacy students also watched it.

Therefore, the series got so much appreciation, and every week, fans get great news of the next chapter.

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