Avatar The Way of Water: Running in Cinemas Successfully!


Fans are easily shocked and floored by how good this movie is. This movie is an improvement on the original film in every way. It is truly a cinematic experience that is best experienced in the theatres.

Therefore, by having the fans’ comments and reviews, we will do a short review since we want people to watch it. But the standout to me was, of course.

The Visuals and Cinematography

Let me say this: This movie’s visuals blow entirely the majority of films released this decade. Even if you know that picture is full of CGI, the visuals and effort the animators put into it still make it look gorgeous and fun.

James Cameron had to delay the film because the technology couldn’t handle it, and it clearly shows. Some pictures look like they’re from a painting.


This movie quickly blows away all of the films in 2022, including Batman himself.

That’s how good the movie is. James Cameron doesn’t overwork the visual artists in terrible conditions; he takes his time, and this happens when quality is prioritized over quantity.


Is the story good?

In the first movie, people didn’t like the first Avatar and called it overrated because the story wasn’t “mature” or “groundbreaking.” But the story in the first movie was alright. Is the account in Avatar 2 better than the story in Avatar? Well yeah, it is.

While it’s not a deep mature, or complex story, it is still very engaging and fun to watch. The plot improved and was more complicated.

The Spider character wasn’t interesting at all. He flip-flopped too much between good and evil.

But other than that, while the story is perfect, it still needs to break new ground, which is why it’s not the best movie of 2022. However, the final hour is full of non-stop entertainment and fantastic.


The movie is 3 hours long, but it doesn’t feel like something other than 3 hours. While some scenes could have been trimmed out, and Jake Sully made dumb decisions (felt more cowardly, etc.)

However, viewers did enjoy this movie. It’s not the best sequel James Cameron produced, but James Cameron showed that he is one of the directors who can criticize superhero movies because he knows his stuff.

Everyone should watch it and experience this movie in the theatres. Sure, it’s not complex as Everything Everywhere, all at once, but it is an entertaining and good movie.

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza
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