6 Plus Oldest Jewelry Houses in Paris

6 Plus Oldest Jewelry

Everyone knows that Paris and spectacular gems go hand in hand. High jewelry’s native megacity has given rise to some of the most influential design houses in the world. For centuries, majesty, socialites, and typical grooms have treasured their extraordinary designs. Then, seven-legendary Parisian brands and creative muses guard their patrimonies.

Paris is one of the premier fashion capitals of the world, comprising one of four significant municipalities that host Fashion Week regularly. Parisians are also known for their unique road style, worn painlessly by men and women.

Ready to take a perambulation through Paris’s literal and influential jewelry shops? We’re about to explore the oldest bones in the megacity!

6 Plus Oldest Jewelry


Dary’s is famous for its gorgeous stretch jewelry, particularly pieces from the roaring 1920s.

However, opening in 1932 on Rue Saint-Honoree, Dary’s remains one of the most well-known family-possessed stretch jewelry shops in Paris. The shop constantly features box-shaped displays in its windows and has been called “Ali Baba’s delve” for its treasures.

Nearly one hundred times latterly, Dary’s is still a popular draw for excursionists and locals likewise in hunt of commodity special (or spectacular) to add to their jewelry collection!

Au Vase de Delft

Just outside La Place Vendome in the center of Paris is Au Vase de Delft, another stretch shop famous for beautiful antique jewelry like brooches from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Innovated in 1910 by jeweler Lucien Jacob, the shop continues to be a family-possessed business and a real gem of the Megacity of Lights (no pun intended). The Au Vase de Delft’s position on Rue Saint-Honoree is, to this day, one of the most exclusive addresses for high-end jewelry.


Chanel is a name and a brand that’s world-famed, but its roots are forcefully planted in France!

Coco Chanel, born Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, was the most famed fashion developer of all time. Chanel started her brand as an apparel line as a needlewoman, but the Chanel fashion marker continued to make advances in cosmetics, jewelry, and scents over time.

Moment, Chanel Paris continues to vend jewelry from its position near La Place Vendome and remains one of the most iconic names globally.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Nowadays, a worldwide luxury brand, Van Cleef & Arpels, launched as a family-possessed shop in 1896 in Paris, France. However, at that time, the brand was worn by Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, and the Duchess of Windsor.

Van Cleef & Arpels is fluently distinguishable by its flowery and beast motifs, especially the four splint clover dominating the Alhambra line. The clover is the brand’s hand look, launched in 1968.

Van Cleef & Arpels valued 450 million euros in total deals, with 45 million euros from watch deals in 2011.

6 Plus Oldest Jewelry


Speak the name “Boucheron,” and every citizen of Paris will know that you’re talking about the high-end jewelry exchange in La Place.


In 1858, firstly innovated at the Palais-Royal, Frederic Boucheron shifted the shop to its current home. Later on, in 1893, they joined the species of other popular fashion merchandisers. It’s iconic for creations similar to the clasp-less choker, the 159-carat sapphire choker (constructed to match a woman’s eyes), and engraved diamonds.

There remains an ongoing debate over Boucheron’s status as the oldest jewelry shop in Paris vs. another notorious jewelry shop. We’ll get to that bone in just a bit!


One of the biggest names in jewelry moment, the Cartier brand’s origins date back to 1847 when Louis-Francois Cartier innovated Cartier after taking over Adolphe Picard’s factory. Cartier’s son, Alfred, took the store over after 27 years. Moreover, he starts making it into the global jeweler we honor the moment.

Cartier is known for all types of jewelry but is most notorious for its putatively- woven watches and gold jaguar rings. The utmost of the brand’s jewelry is incontinently recognizable, making it that much more successful and sought-after.

Among other prominent jewelry names, including Harry Winston, David Yurman, and Tiffany, those who enjoy a Cartier product can count on extravagance. It is the finest quality and remarkable artificer.


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