Zelma Bullock Bio, Height Husband, Daughter, And More

Zelma Bullock is the mother of a famous songwriter, Tina turner. Zelma Bullock died in 1999, and at that time, she was 61 years old. She was born on 26 November 1939 and always spent a lower-middle-class life.

No one knows about her death cause. Her daughter Tina does not talk much about her mother. During an interview, she said that she felt her mother never loved her. She was born in America and also stayed away from the public all her life.

Zelma always remained in the present and raised her daughter for the best possible means. Meanwhile, her daughter Tina Turner remained always in the limelight, being the best songwriter of the industry.

She sang songs as the biggest and best music artist in the United States. Her first singing album was Kings of the Rock. Zelma’s bullock’s daughter lives in Switzerland.

In her most famous albums, Tina Turns the Country On, Acid Queen, private dancer, Rough, Explosion, and many more are included. Tina always struggled in her life and found a way out of her success.

Zelma Bullock’s husband’s name was Richard. They remained together for two or three years; after that, they divorced.

Zelma Bullock real name Zelma Bullock
Zelma Bullock Birthday 26 November 1939
Zelma Bullock Age 61(Died)
Zelma Bullock gender Female
Zelma Bullock height 5’6”
Zelma Bullock Nationality American
Zelma Bullock Ethnicity African American
Zelma Bullock profession Mother of Tina Turner
Zelma Bullock /wife/Husband/ Boyfriends/girlfriends Richard
Zelma Bullock Instagram N/A
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