Your Guide to Finding and Booking Rental Property for Sale

More than 35 percent of U.S. residents live in rental homes. With more than a third of the population renting, it can be challenging to find available properties in some areas.

There are some easy ways to find rental property for sale though. Let’s look at 6 tips for finding those hidden gems.

1. Research the Neighborhood

The first thing you should do before starting your search is to research the neighborhood you’re thinking about moving into. You’ll find lots of useful information on the internet but it’s a good idea to drive and/or walk around the area as well.

You’ll get a better idea of what the area offers and you might find some “for rent” signs to get a headstart on your search.

2. Use a Rental Listing Website

Many landlords use property rental websites like and to list their available rentals. These sites have powerful search features that let you pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for.

You can choose the area, the number of bedrooms, and any other amenities you’re looking for to narrow down the number of options.

3. Hire a Local Real Estate Agent

Many real estate agents do more than just help people buy and sell houses. They often provide property management services for turnkey properties as well.

Those agents can help you find a local rental. They will also know a lot about the area so they can make recommendations you wouldn’t otherwise get.

4. Check Local Newspapers and Craigslist

Most of us get our news from the internet these days but local newspapers are still going strong in many places. They usually have a classified ads section where property owners can advertise their rentals.

Many of these newspapers offer online access so you can search those ads from across the country.

5. Join Local Groups on Facebook

With nearly 200 million users in the United States alone, Facebook is a great way to connect with people renting a home. Whatever city or town you’re thinking about moving to probably has a local Facebook Group.

Join those groups and check to see if there are any rental listings. You can even post on the group asking if someone has a home for rent in the area.

6. Negotiate Monthly Rentals on Vacation Booking Sites

Vacation rental services like Airbnb and Homeaway generally list rentals on a daily or weekly basis. But some of those hosts may be open to renting property for a longer term, especially in the off-season months.

This option likely won’t result in a long-term rental but you might find something for a few months — long enough to find a more permanent solution.

These Tips Will Uncover Plenty of Rental Property for Sale

Finding rental property for sale can be challenging in today’s real estate market. But knowing some of the less-traveled places to look can help you uncover properties that most renters never see. Try using a few of these rental property tips and you might be surprised how quickly you can find a new home.

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