WWRE Legend Ric Flair Married To Wendy Barlow, Do You Know Who is Wendy Barlow?


Everyone knows about the WWE legend Ric Flair but doesn’t know about Wendy Barlow. The legend married his longtime Wendy Barlow in Florida. The news revealed when the couple hinted at their nuptials on their Instagram accounts.

Wendy Barlow and Ric Flair were joined by the wrestler’s daughter Charlotte Flair. Flair wrote in the caption, “ it’s going to be a wonderful WOOOO Wednesday.”

The bride answers, “ My best Buddy From Cali is in town; something must be going on. But who is Wendy Barlow? The legend of WWE, Ric Flair, married his longtime girlfriend, Wendy Barlow in Florida.

Who is Wendy Barlow?

Wendy is the proud mom of four, who worked with Flair as his WCW, the French maid, in 1983. They dated for several years and then engaged in 2016. They appeared in an episode of celebrity-wide swap along with deceased wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper and his wife, Kitty. She managed the Flair’s sons on the independent wrestling circuit.

wendy barlow

Who is Ric Flair?

It was not his first marriage; Ric has tied the knot; despite close to death a year ago, he decided to marry for the fifth time. The first time Ric Married Leslie Goodman in 1971, and they spent 12 years together.

After that, the wrestler married Elizabeth Harrell, and that was his longest marriage that remained for 23 years. Furthermore, the couple divorced, and Ric married Tiffany Van Demark, but their marriage relationship was survived for just three years.

After that, he linked to Jacqueline Beams in 2009. He had children with his first two wives; Megan and David were born from Leslie. Meanwhile, Reid and Ashley were born Elizabeth. His daughter Ashley joined the WWE herself by using the name Charlotte. Reid died in 2013 due to an overdose of heroin.

wendy barlow

Well, Wendy Barlow and Ric Flair married on the rooftop of the pearl hotel in rosemary beach, Florida. His daughter Megan gave birth to a baby girl named Morgan. Ric is one of the best WWE wrestlers and became an eight-time World Heavyweight champion.

Also, he earned another two heavyweight titles in addition to three tag team championships. Ric won the titles in the WCW and national wrestling Alliance promotion.

Ric Flair Wendy Barlow

Flair married Wendy at a Florida resort in September 2018 before they announced it by their Instagram accounts with a beautiful caption.

wendy barlow

The legend joined by Dennis Rodman, the undertakes Michael Hayes and Ata Johnson. They remained together for six years, but they know each other for a very long time. After just one year of marriage, Ric suffered a health scare and near death, experience resulted in the former wrestler being on life support for ten days.

According to a USA Today report, what I remember was that I could not talk but could hear people talking about me. My daughter said that the doctor said to go in and say goodbye to your daddy as he is not going to make it,

Ric Flair is also known as Nature Boy, and his sudden health issue was attributed to bowel issues, kidney failure, and his battle with alcoholism.

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