Will We Get GTA 6 To Launch Out In 2021?


Since Rockstar is still developing Red Dead Redemption 2, which was supposed to be released this year, but it got delayed until spring of 2019.

Now you cannot expect GTA VI any time before 2020. Let’s take a look at the previous GTA installments:

  • GTA was released in 1997.GTA 2 was released in 1999 with a wait of two years.
  • And GTA 3 was air out in 2001 with a wait of two years.
  • GTA: Vice City was released in 2002 after one year of the previous release.
  • Or GTA: San Andreas was blow out in 2004 after a two-year wait.
  • GTA: Liberty City Stories was launched in 2005 just after one year.
  • Whereas the GTA: Vice City Stories was released in 2006 with a wait of one year.
  • GTA 4 was released in 2008 with a wait of two-years.
  • GTA: The Lost and the Damned was blow out in 2009 after one year wait.
  • And GTA: Chinatown Wars was also aired out in 2009.
  • GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony was released in 2009.
  • GTA 5 was launched in 2013 after a long wait of four years.

We are considering that GTA V was in the development stage 4 years after GTA IV. Even more for the PC version, we shouldn’t expect GTA VI at least three years after Red dead redemption two is launched, spring 2018 (for ps4 and Xbox consoles). And Rockstar said:

“We don’t know when GTA 6 will be out to play freely, but we’ve got some ideas”.

Although, this was stated back in 2013 when GTA V was released. We can hope that it progressed a bit further than just the idea of the next game.

Production Details

Rumors are that Rockstar is planning to make the biggest map ever, have full VR support, feature a female protagonist, etc.

There are several rumors about the game blowing out there to know for sure. Also, GTA V made $1 billion 24h after its initial release. And it has sold over a 60milion copies worldwide. Moreover, you will get GTA VI, but not in a couple more years.

Rockstar games earned a huge profit by selling GTA 5. It was a financial success, and the company earned a huge reputation among the consumers (not only gamers).

Now let’s come to the point, the game itself was a critically acclaimed title by the critics. No game in the GTA franchise has sold so well.

Why is Rockstar delaying so much for GTA 6?

First, see that GTA 5 for PC was delayed by two years of its initial release because they wanted to optimize the game fully. It clearly shows the amount of time taken to polish the finished game.

All triple-A games require a huge production cost, including development and marketing; now imagine if GTA 5 was a failure; imagine all gamers received an unfinished, broken game, then what would be the consequences?

The company’s entire production cost will go in vain and forget about any reputation for the company.

But nothing like that happened, right? GTA 5 had nearly perfect scores from all reviewers, and they sold so many copies of the game.

Then why delay the release of the sequel of a blockbuster game? GTA 6 would be successful even if they give an unfinished game. But that would ruin the reputation they earned; hell, if they even release a decent looking GTA.

And if it is not as good as its predecessor, that will disappoint us, the gamers. Keeping that in mind, Rockstar wants to maintain the trust that gamers had built with them for the sake of their future.

So, instead of rushing into making a sequel, they want to take time to make a game better than GTA 5.

Only then will the company rise. They don’t want to spend huge money on just making an average game because no one expects them to make average games. Everyone has high expectations from Rockstar games.


So There Is No Delay

Rockstar is just taking time to make a better game. The game is still in development and would be released in the coming few years. It also increases the hype among the people which Rockstar knows.

Rushing into sequels will result in disasters like Fallout 76. Bethesda ruined their reputation so much that people are now giving up hopes for the highly anticipated ‘The Elder Scrolls VI. Now, the company is struggling to earn the respect of gamers that they had once.

On the other hand, we have CD Project Red, a loved company as they never disappoint with their games like ‘The Witcher’ series.

Now see in the case of their game ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, they are just trying to make the best game by giving time to its development. However, you probably know the amount of hype that the game has created.

So the point is that Rockstar is making GTA 6. And they are taking their time to make it one of the greatest of all time.


Knowing the history of previous GTA first day sales, GTA 6 will have a high certainty of surpassing its predecessors.

GTA 4 earned a total of $310,000,000 within the first 24 hours. GTA 5 earned a record-breaking of $1,000,000,000 within the first 24 hours breaking over 6 game-related world records.

The GTA series is becoming more popular over the years, hypothetically speaking, the next sequel will skyrocket.

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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