Why You Should Wear A Not-Smart Wristwatch

Why You Should Wear A Watch

Many people would argue against the use of a conventional watch as a smartphone or indeed a smartwatch is still capable of almost anything that a normal mechanical watch can do. A normal mechanical watch still holds an incredible appeal to many.

It is similar to the Android/Apple debate or the internal combustion vs electric car debate, while an electric car is more efficient, there is a market of people who will always enjoy the former more than the latter. Below are a few reasons that you should consider switching over to a good watch for your time keeping needs.


Ever pulled out your phone to quickly check time and spotted an alert from some social media or messaging app?

Queue half an hour later, still being preoccupied with your phone as the alert has led down a social media rabbit hole, and you still aren’t exactly sure of the time. You wouldn’t believe how many people get sucked into the same situation that could easily be remedied by wearing a wristwatch. The distraction constantly caused by pulling your phone out can challenge even the strongest focus and will.


 It’s a common misconception that mechanical watches can only tell the time, they can in fact do a lot more depending on how they are built. We refer to these extra abilities as complications. There are a lot of lines of work and interests’ people have which could prove these complications to be extremely useful. Below are a few of the more popular and interesting complications found on watches.

  • Calendar complication – There are a few subcategories to the calendar complication, from the simple date window all the way to equation of time (solar time difference calendar). The most common being the typical day-date, in which a watch will have a separate window for the date and the day of the week. On the higher end of the scale we get perpetual calendars, perpetual calendars accurately display the day, date, and month of the year all on the face of the watch.
  • Chronograph complication – Again, there are many types of chronograph complications to discuss. On the face of it, a chronograph is like having a stopwatch built into the movement. Chronographs like the Flyback chronograph have proven vital for pilots in the past, as they require split second accuracy for accurate navigation. While most modern aircraft cater for this, a hobbyist pilot and many other people may still have fantastic use for a flyback chronograph
  • GMT complication – There are many types of GMT complications available, the main goal of a GTM complication is to tell the time in more than one time zone simultaneously. This is incredibly convenient for anybody who works with people or has loved ones in a different time zone.

There are many other interesting complications such as moon phase, jump hour and minute repeater complications one could use to good effect, much like you can enjoy playing at the slots sites in Canada.


 A watch, to many people, is a great form of jewelry which is common ground for men to wear. A great way to tie in an outfit or to add some extra flair. There is no denying that a stunning watch can not only start conversations but add some extra confidence too. Finding and wearing the right style of watch for you will be one of the best wardrobe additions you will ever have.

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