Why the USA’s Most Anticipated Sporting Events


America is a nation of sport. Every day of the week there tends to be some form of sport on, from football to basketball, baseball to hockey. From the professional ‘big four’ leagues to the huge college sport scene, sport offers entertainment for millions of Americans every week. With so much to choose from, it can be easy to get caught up in loads of different events and miss ones you actually thought you might like. However, there are some events throughout the yearly calendar that are not to be missed. We are going to have a look at the USA’s most anticipated sporting events that excite fans while they watch, support and bet on the events, but when betting make sure you check bookmaker offers at the best betting sites to get the best chances of winning while enjoying the sport.


By far the biggest and most anticipated event on American soil every year in the Superbowl. This sporting event garners millions from around the world to watch it and is the world’s biggest annual event, but it is on another level in America. The much anticipated end to the NFL season sees a momentous championship game between the two best American football sides in the country. Pitted against each other, these teams show class, talent and skill mixed with electric athleticism to create a whirlwind entertainment package for those watching. But this event has gained so much stature that it is no longer just about the game. The halftime show has garnered a strong cultural status and whilst the two teams battle it out for the Vince Lombardi Cup, fans flock to the host city weeks in advance to party and millions of viewers from around the world tune in. This event has become synonymous with American sport and is hugely anticipated.

Kentucky Derby

Arguably the biggest horse race in the world, it is known as the ‘greatest two minutes in sport’, and for good reason – have a look at some of its best bits and you will see why! The Derby is the initial race in the Triple Crown, the illustrious American horse riding trophy. This race has seen some historic and mesmerising moment over the years, adding to its grandeur and status. Fun to watch on the TV but even more fun to spectate from the concourse with a little bet on, this race draws in thousands every year to Louisville.

MLB All stars game

What would a list of the most anticipated sporting events in the states be without including the pinnacle of the country’s favourite pastime. The MLB All Stars game is the finale to a long baseball season. To get here the 32 teams from across the leagues have to endure a 162 game season then beat 3 playoffs. The lead up and the all stars game itself entertains millions of Americans for months. This game sees the best teams pitted against each other in a grueling competition which is anticipated every year by folks stateside.

NCAA Top fours

College basketball is huge. It draws massive crowds and paves the way for many legendary basketball players, including a certain Michael Jordan. The competition is fierce as many know this is their time to shine which makes for an electric entertainment package for those spectating. These guys ain’t professional sportsmen, but they sure could be. Within the basketball sphere particularly, this is a huge event and even more generally it is one of the most anticipated sporting events in America.

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