Why is the cable industry difficult to disrupt?


Analysis of the present era shows that the cable industry is not difficult to disrupt now. Yes, the companies are trying to defend as much as they can, but for how long? The cable set-top business works on an old system that brings innovation slowly than other industries. The example of Apple Manufacturers is in front of you and how they are bringing innovation day-by-day.

Netflix and Hulu and similar OTT platforms are the ragingly popular online streaming services that are challenging the cable industry in terms of quality and price. These services are gaining popularity among our new generation predominantly. Who would not like to enjoy high-quality services at a low price?

Despite all this, cable TV companies aren’t giving up. Following are the steps they are taking to stay in business:

Apps for Cable Subscribers

This should not come as a surprise, quite predictable as it comes as a response to OTT services. Cable service companies now offer free-of-cost apps to their paid customers so they can watch cable content wherever they are. Some cable companies have launched their apps while the rest are about to introduce their official apps.

Skinny Bundles

The most popular opinion for cutting the cords with cable TV services is its skyrocketing price. Therefore, to combat this concern, cable providers have introduced skinny deals where basic services are included. It covers the essentials while there are options to get yourself a fully customized deal too. These deals may not be proactively offered but you can find about these online or get in touch with the customer care department and they will guide you through.

No contract

Cable subscribers are also not amused with the idea of a 12 or 24 months long contract where they have to pay termination charges in case of a breach. Spectrum was already winning loyal consumers for its no-contract policy and amazing packages like the spectrum silver package. The best part is, you will see more cable providers offering contract-free services in the coming days. Good news for those who don’t have any cable provider that offers contract-free TV, internet or digital phone services.

Users Who Hate Tech

Some people don’t want to use technology for entertainment purposes. Old-aged people don’t want to lift the remote to flip TV channels. Such are the people who are the long-term customers of cable TV. They are used to the old TV system and don’t want any further change in it. For people who like their TV playing in the background while they work and are not interested in entertainment that involves dealing with tech, a perfect cable TV client.

Access to Programming

  • Cable TV companies are opening the doors of programming for their customers. News channels on cable TV allow its users to stay in touch with what is happening in the surrounding. As of now, such services aren’t commonly available for people using online streaming services which include Netflix and Hulu.
  • Watching entertaining content on cable TV, YouTube, or in a cinema house has only one purpose; to entertain their customers. The equipment and sources are separate, but the content and its roles are the same.
  • Cable TV companies are focusing on cable internet service to serve their customers. This feature is perhaps the best step the cable industry has taken to stay in business. People are shifting towards using the internet for entertainment. The users of Cable TV can use the cable internet without changing their wires.

Furthermore, the cable industry has adopted the following steps to beat the heat:

  • Decrease in video processing costs.
  • Increase in the internet coverage and Wi-Fi services.
  • Persuasive advertising.
  • To provide the quality their customers want.

Bottom-line is:

The cable industry is doing whatever it can to survive the current competition instigated by streaming services and the internet, but things aren’t that easy now. With high-quality, fast, reliable, and enabling control to their customers, online services such as YouTube and Hulu have almost disrupted the cable industry. Cable TV is now focusing on providing the best and most feasible features through the cable internet than the entertainment services. However, when it comes to the survival of the cable industry, given the situation, the demand for the internet is increasing and will increase further in the coming days. This can help survive cable companies.


Kathleen Zaraa
Kathleen Zaraa
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