Why Is Instagram Such A Great Platform For Video Promotion?

With an average engagement rate of 1.22% on Instagram versus 0.27% on Facebook, businesses are increasingly turning towards Instagram. This is mainly driven by the type of users on Instagram as well as the fact that there’s just less clutter. In fact, users focus on photos and videos when using Instagram. That’s why an online video editor, such as at this link, can help you stand out. You’ll love the interface and you’ll save hours while creating professionally-made videos. All these thanks to the extensive library of templates and music files for you to use for any video online.

Why Focus on Instagram with your Online Video Editor?

Every social media platform has its advantages that attract certain people. It’s worth noting that you can also get your online video editor to download straight into Instagram. You then don’t have to worry about the formatting when you edit videos. That’s because the platform does it for you.

Here are more details as to why a business can’t ignore and should sign up to Instagram:

  • More visibility
  • A highly engaged audience
  • No filtering
  • Instagram stories
  • Influencers
  • High conversion rates

More visibility

Instagram was originally designed for mobile phones. Of course, they have a website but their platform lays out photos and videos particularly clearly. This is useful today because people are increasingly using their mobiles to search for brands. So, consider length and mobile impact when you make a video with your online video editor.

Of course, Facebook is great but there is now so much information on there. That makes sense when you think that it was originally designed for friends to stay in touch and to share their personal news. Instagram on the other hand is very simply just about sharing images. This is perfect for video creation and your video editor.

A highly engaged audience

Forrester recently conducted a study that showed that businesses can grow their engagement rates far more quickly than with Facebook. For example, Red Bull generates 300 more likes on Instagram than on Facebook. Other brands have even managed to get higher than 2% engagement rates when compared to less than 1% on Facebook.

That’s why you want to use your online video editor to connect to your target audience. Moreover, you can make your life easier by uploading templates from your video maker. You can then customize them with the video editor settings to suit your brand and overall image.

No filtering

Currently, Instagram just lists everything in chronological order. On the flip side, the Facebook software uses clever algorithms to try to put the most relevant posts at the top of your list. Not only do they not always get this right but businesses can get lost in the crowd. Clearly, that’s why you want to maximize the features on your online video editor when you create videos. Regardless, Instagram is known for enabling businesses to stand out when they upload their videos and images.


Interestingly, the concept of influencers goes back to a time even before when Coco Channel transformed fashion tastes. Today, Instagram attracted influencers because it was quick and easy for millennials to post their photos immediately. Even today, the majority age group who make up 75% of users, is between 18 to 24, according to the workstream.

Of course, you can gather followers on Facebook but the culture on Instagram is much more about sharing any image or free video. People want to support each other, have fun and share great brands. That’s why it’s important to post video clips that appeal to positive emotions and are gratifying.

High conversion rates

When people search for your brand on their browser through Google or Instagram, you ideally also want to convert them into a sale. According to Shopify, eCommerce conversion rates are much higher on Instagram. Of course, the actual number depends on your type of business.

Interestingly, you can only include clickable links on your bio, shoppable feeds, and stories. This makes the whole experience less pushy for people so that they feel more in control. Essentially, it’s up to them if they then decide to click on your link to buy something.

This also highlights how important Instagram stories are. So, don’t forget to use your online video editors to create the perfect blend of text and videos for free. First, plan your approach before you get started. That way, you can include just the right number of features and effects when video editing.

Key Takeaways for Using your Online Video Editor with Instagram

Every business has to think about the right channel for their marketing efforts according to audience and product. Regardless, Instagram is a powerful platform that generates higher engagement and conversion rates. Simply make sure you use your online video editor to create videos with a wow factor. Influencers will then naturally flock to your page and share with their communities so you can enjoy growth in your online traffic.

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