Why are essay writing skills important? 

When you think about academic writing, how many paper types will you remember before coming across the most widespread genre — essay?

Probably, not many. That’s because essays are the most frequently used form of writing in education, blogging, academic literature, and sometimes even on social media.

However, as Statista.com reported in 2015, between 9% and 12% of students prefer submitting papers pay for a paper to be written or other types of writing assignments. Most of them would like to pass tests or quizzes instead of writing an essay. So what does this statistic say?

Most likely, it means that more people should learn the basics of composing essays. Let’s get right into this phenomenon.

Importance of essay writing in a modern world

In a world where education means a lot for ensuring a successful future, many students find it challenging to write a well-structured essay. One of the most persuasive reasons why students should master the art of writing good papers is that these skills help stimulate critical thinking and structure your reasoning. In particular, these are the most powerful tools when it comes to doing research for a college paper or completing an original homework assignment. Be it an employment interview, admission essay, or a regular conversation with a person somehow responsible for your future career, the importance of skills in essay writing cannot be overestimated. If you’re able to compose a good essay written from scratch, be sure that you’ve already managed to keep your mind structured.

The connection between essay writing and other professional areas

Even though it may seem surprising for you, composing a quality essay is not only about graduating from college or completing a homework assignment. Be it the UK, USA, or other countries, people from different corners of the world use essay writing skills to compose persuasive papers, readable letters, and other essential documents. International companies utilize the basics of essay writing to approach any type of documents containing coherent writing. Bloggers borrow structuring techniques from the essay genre to write reviews.

When we think about essays, most often, we refer to education or application papers that are necessary to enroll in academic programs. However, it’s not always the case. Essay writing skills are helpful in various perspectives of professional human activities, including:

  • Managing workflow for a company.
  • Developing a custom of thinking analytically.
  • Building a schedule.
  • Staying focused on a single argument or idea.
  • Singling out the important information from the pool of data.

All these points show that learning to compose a professional essay should help you in different fields of your activity and simplify many processes. Aside from just being limited to the educational area, essay writing skills assist in structuring your analytical reasoning.

What you need to know before starting to write an essay

Therefore, if you’re ready to delve into the world of essay writing, it’s necessary to cross out some points in the following checklist:

  • Complete preliminary research. This point means that you should access reliable online or offline sources to gather enough information for the future essay. ProQuest, Google Scholar, PubMed, or any other source of credible information will do.
  • Single out essential information. The art of distinguishing relevant information from the pieces you won’t need for your essay is crucial. For this purpose, you may use highlighting tools or copy and paste required fragments (but don’t forget to format citations correctly).
  • Develop a thesis statement. This point is critical because essays must be composed around one primary idea or argument.
  • Compose the first draft of your final essay.
  • Rewrite the text, considering previous mistakes, recommendations from experts, and grammatical errors.
  • Pay careful attention to the structure of your paper. It should contain an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.
  • Proofread the final draft, and you’re done!

As soon as you complete your first academic essay, a new mindset is about to occupy your head. The realization of new opportunities, thinking patterns, as well as organizational and structuring skills, will lead you to unexpected prospects.

As evident from our article, any type of writing requires the foundation of the essay genre. For example, each review should have an introduction with a clear thesis (main argument) and a conclusion paraphrasing this general idea. Today there are plenty of essay writing services to buy an English essay from, among which Custom Writings stands out by offering cheap expert writing services and free features. By using their best and quality academic assistance, you’ll be able to learn more about constructing a professional essay.

Basic skills that are helpful in composing an essay

Top writers always keep in mind the general structure that frames their content. Almost every large company has its content writing department, where authors refer to essay writing basics in order to keep the website clean and understandable. In education, students usually submit academic writing assignments or compose an admission essay. In such cases, a highly personalized paper may help you enroll in an educational program of your dream. That’s because essays feature a clear structure with a single strong thesis statement that allows readers to find the most important information quickly. This structure goes like this:

  • Introduction: 10% of the total word count, ending with a coherent thesis (main argument).
  • Body paragraphs: 80% of the word count with each first sentence to represent the general topic of a paragraph (usually called ‘topic sentence’).


10% of the overall word count, paraphrasing the thesis and presenting concluding remarks.

Although you can learn the essentials of essay writing by using various online sources or literature, it’s also possible to address a professional academic writer who delivers quality papers for every customer. There is no denying that essay writing skills are extremely significant in the modern world. If you know how to write essays, you can be more confident in your future career because all work-related documents are built around one central idea and structure.

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