Why Anxiety Is Becoming A Major Issue In Modern Times


Society continually undergoes massive changes due to the ever-changing factors that influence the way people behave. People make groundbreaking and history-altering discoveries that contribute to the world’s progression. One of the best discoveries a man has made is the concept of mental health. Before humankind discovered the concept of mental health, people commonly branded other people with underlying mental disorders as sinister or exhibiting supernatural qualities. As a result, people who suffer from mental health disorders were treated harshly for thousands of years.

Mental health is a relatively popular concept, with many people starting to take care of their mental health and seek help if necessary. However, as you may have already realized, the mental health disorder called anxiety is getting more prevalent. Many people are beginning to show more signs of anxiety, and mental health practitioners are beginning to have more cases on their hands than they can handle.

But what exactly is causing anxiety rates to spike up? Why is it becoming a more serious issue in today’s world? Fortunately, this article will explain why in detail and provide some suggestions on dealing with anxiety.

Why Anxiety Is So Common Now

It’s a fact now that anxiety has now become a common phenomenon. Its popularity is due to several factors, which are:

  1. Previous lack of awareness

As mentioned earlier, humankind only began to understand the mental health phenomena a few decades ago. Before then, people didn’t even know what anxiety was, nor did they consider feelings of fear and other negative feelings as abnormal. Now that scientists have discovered anxiety and have made the symptoms known to the public, many more cases of people with anxiety are beginning to come up.

In cases of anxiety, many people are beginning to turn to CBD. CBD is a highly beneficial product that can help to relieve anxiety by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. There are many anti-anxiety CBD tincture products you can use, and they all provide rich amounts of CBD. Although many countries had banned its use and production, these countries are beginning to reverse this ban.

The endocannabinoid system is mainly responsible for maintaining homeostasis, as well as suppressing pain. The combination of these two functions is what makes CBD able to manage anxiety disorders, as well as other mood disorders.


  1. Pressures of social media

Social media is a concept and digital innovation that has changed the world we live in. It has improved so many areas of our lives, such as communication and marketing.

However, using social media has its downsides. Many people are beginning to share exaggerated moments and feelings of happiness and accomplishments that tend to instigate feelings of worthlessness and loneliness in others. More often than not, these feelings lead to anxiety.

This number is bound to increase due to the unrelenting use of social media. It has become so much of a part of human life that people can’t help getting anxious from social media pressures anymore.

  1. Poor sleep routines

Have you ever found it hard to sleep before? Or have you ever woken up feeling cranky or afraid? If you have, there is a high chance you woke up feeling anxious.

There are multiple reasons why people are now sleeping poorly compared to before. The most influential factor behind this is our lifestyle choices. Presently, everyone has a career they’re trying to make progress in. While a job is a good thing to pursue, it often leads to a neglect of sleep. As a result, it leads to poor sleep quality.

Studies have shown that poor sleep quality is one of the significant causes of anxiety. If you leave your sleep quality in a poor state, it can make your anxiety worse.

dealing with anxiety

  1. Increase in substance abuse

If you check social media and other forms of media now, you would see how much they romanticize the use of hard substances. These psychoactive substances include marijuana, alcohol, LSD, and others. Although substances like marijuana and alcohol have their benefits, excessive usage tends to provide you with adverse effects.

Substance abuse is hazardous, and it has ruined the lives of many. Many studies show that substance abuse has a very high likelihood of developing mood disorders such as anxiety.

How To Suppress Anxiety

Unfortunately, anxiety is a dangerous condition that is incurable. However, you can suppress it through:

  • Therapy

Therapy is something a lot of people underestimate but is highly beneficial. In the case of people having anxiety, it helps them manage their symptoms using different therapy forms, one of which is CBT.

  • Medication

Medication is another way to suppress anxiety, and mental health practitioners only recommend it when therapy isn’t enough. Everyone reacts differently to various medications, so you may have to use different odealing with anxietynes before finding the right ones for you.

Final Words

Anxiety is a mental health condition that currently plagues around 40 million people in the US. However, knowing what causes it can help you manage this condition and prevent it from worsening. That said, this article has helped explain what causes anxiety in the modern-day and some ways to suppress it.

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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