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Social media never fails to amaze us and amuse us. Not even a single day passes, and we successively come across scandalous, funny, sad, or even annoying videos which take no time to start a chain of viral memes. Nowadays, the ” Pagal Tissue Lelo Yar Tissue Lelo ” girl has become the center of attention on social media after her erotic video went viral.

Numerous memes has been made on the girl who was caught on camera saying ” Pagal Tissue Lelo Yar Yahan Se ” to her boyfriend while supposedly being involved in an intimate act.

Although her complete and clear video hasn’t been released, a number of scandalous speculations have been made on the basis of the few seconds long clip of the Tissue Lelo girl. From what we can see and hear in the viral tissue le lo yar video, it is quite clear that the girl’s boyfriend was ejaculating and she was asking him to use tissues to clean himself.

Moreover, people are also saying that the girl can be seen naked in the video. However, there’s no clarity to it. Regardless of the fact that a lot of social media users found this viral clip disgusting, people are still searching and asking for her complete video. Well, there’s no doubt that people are always ready to know about such scandalous things just like they did when Uncle Majboor’s video went viral.

Tissue le lo full video link

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If you are reading this to know about the Tissue Le Lo Yar girl then let us tell you that it is rumored that she is a Pakistani TikTok star whose name is Alisha Noor. If you search on her social media then you’ll find out that she is 20 years old with thousands of followers. Anyhow, we don’t know for sure whether it’s her or someone else.

We update you about the Tissue Le Lo Yar scandal just as more information about it surfaces on the internet.

Tony Altidore
Tony Altidore
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