When to Call a Plumber? Look Out for These 4 Signals

Being good at household chores and tasks certainly has its perks. For starters, it can help cut elementary plumbing costs that might have otherwise caused a pinch, however slight, in the pocket. But being good at fixing things also makes it harder to realise where to draw the line and rely upon the professionals.

When it comes to solving issues related to plumbing in Upper North Shore Sydney, there are many excellent professional services available. But the first step in solving complex plumbing issues is to recognise that you have one on your hands and then, making that call.

Reasons for Contacting a Professional Plumber

Water and Cost: You may be surprised to know that a survey conducted by Canstar Blue in 2020 discovered that Australia’s average quarterly water bill is A$272. For New South Wales, that figure is A$246. Yet, only 26% agreed to be able to predict their next water bill accurately, among thousands of respondents across the country!

Faulty plumbing can creep up costs significantly by increasing wastage of water in several ways.

Safety: When the issue relates to electricity or gas, the chances of safety hazards become unavoidable. If a stove is mistakenly left on, it can be easily rectified. But you should leave anything more severe than that to the professionals, especially if you can’t locate the source.

If you’re unsure of when to contact for help in issues related to plumbing in Upper North Shore Sydney, then this list would indeed be of great help.

1. Backflow

Nobody wants a backflow of dirty water from vents as it might soon become difficult to contain. One possible reason for this could be a drop in water pressure in your home. This drop could trigger a reverse flow of water from its natural course. It has the potential to spoil carpets, rugs and wooden furniture.

2. No water

Having no water at home is a pretty good reason to dial a plumber’s number ASAP. But just in case, before you make that call, check if the main water shut-off valve of your house is turned on.

If it is, then the cause might be a bit more complex, such as an undiscovered blockage or a leak. You can try to figure out the exact point, but it will be challenging, given that most of your plumbing is hidden behind walls or under the home.

3.  Where Thou Art Hot Water?

If you notice that you’re not getting hot water, the chances are that your heating system might be affected. The degree to which the system has broken down may vary. But since repairing hot water systems may expose you to electricity or gas, it is probably for the best that you take professional help. Many plumbing services also provide installation of new heating systems if needed.

4. Toilet Won’t Stop Running Water.

It is one of the most insidious culprits for high water bills on this list. If you notice water running in your toilet long after the last flush, then there’s a problem that needs fixing. This issue is not easily detectable at first because it’s not messy or creates a lot of noise. But it indeed can be a costly one.

The primary reason behind this problem is a broken or damaged seal that connects the toilet tank or cistern to its bowl. As a result, it causes water to leak in and, in turn, signals the tank to refill unceasingly.

So, if you’re facing any of the issues mentioned above, contact a good professional plumbing service. A clever way to pick a plumbing service is going through its customer reviews. That way, you’ll make an informed choice.

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