When is The Best Time to Take Preworkout?

A fitness routine is not only great to keep your body active but also contributes significantly to your overall health. While you may want to exercise frequently, sometimes your body may not have the energy to push through workouts, especially challenging ones.

Luckily, preworkouts are formulated to give you that extra push and a boost of energy to hit your workout. Especially great for beginners starting out their fitness journey but even seasoned athletes will use pre workouts. But, to make the most use of these supplements, you ought to understand the best time to take a pre workout.

If you are unsure of when to take your preworkout for the best results, this article addresses that, giving you a clear brief on the use of preworkouts to support your fitness journey.

Why Is Timing Important?

Pre workouts come with various ingredients, each with a specific effect on the body. These ingredients require some time to hit your system and deliver the said effect. Therefore, understanding the timing will ensure you get the most impact from these ingredients, which essentially is that boost of energy for your workouts.

Technically, you can take your preworkout at any time. However, timing can make all the difference if you are looking for a timely energy boost from your preworkout.

One reason why you should consider timing is to experience maximum energy. Most pre workout supplements come with caffeine, an ingredient responsible for boosting energy to increase performance. On average, caffeine takes about 15 to 45 minutes to peak in the bloodstream. That means the maximum energy will come within the 15 to 45 minute period.

Considering your timing also helps avoid a crash after taking caffeine. At first, you experience a massive boost of energy, and slowly, after, you experience a crash. Therefore, if you take your preworkout too early, you might end up with a crash just before or during your workout.

Taking your preworkout on time will also avoid sleep problems associated with a high caffeine intake. If you take your preworkout too late, you might have trouble falling asleep, especially if you work out late in the evenings.

What is the Best Time?

A rule of thumb; preworkout supplements take effect within 30 minutes of your workouts. During this time, caffeine hits the system in full measure, delivering the energy boost you need for your workout.

If you take your pre-workout supplement during this frame, you will give your body enough time for the ingredients to get into your bloodstream and deliver the results. You will start to feel the effect almost immediately, but some components need time to take effect.

Therefore, try and take your preworkout 30 minutes before your workout. If you are going to a gym in your neighborhood, taking your preworkout before leaving the house would be ideal. Of course, consider how much time you have to get to the gym.

You want to ensure you give the preworkout time to take effect but not too long to exhaust the effects before you start working out. Remember, most ingredients will stay in your system for hours after, but you may not get their full effect if you wait too long to work out after intake.

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