When is the Best Time of Day to Take CBD?

Taking CBD for different purposes or for specific conditions can determine the appropriate dosage and time of day to take CBD. CBD capsules for instance, can be taken during the day to help with issues preventing productivity by using right after a health breakfast. Users suffering from issues sleeping can benefit most from CBD by taking the cannabis compound before bed. While the concept seems simple, the mechanism that CBD works is complicated requires some knowledge to get the most out of CBD.

CBD use has exploded but we are still figuring out ways to utilize the incredible molecule derived from hemp. Connecting specific amounts or blends of cannabinoids to certain conditions is still a work in progress. There is only one drug approved by the FDA with CBD as the active ingredient. More research and double blind clinical trials are necessary to introduce more people to CBD for serious medical conditions.

When Should I Take CBD Oil?

While scientists and pharmacologists learn more about CBD, we have to experiment with different dosages, times of day, and cannabinoid ratios to determine how CBD can help the individual. The best time of day to take cbd oil is dependent on the specific reason you are taking CBD.

We recommend outlining why you want to take CBD before trying it at different times of the day. The condition you are looking to relive should impact the time of day that CBD is taken.

When to Take CBD Oil?

A 2019 study in examined CBD’s potential to help with mental health disorders and giving patients better sleep. In many cases, these issues are related but participants were asked which issue was of greater concern for them personally.

Patients who reported mental health issues as more of a concern were given their dose of CBD during the day. The patients dealing more significantly with sleeping problems were giving CBD right before bed.

The study reported incredible results:

When to Take CBD Oil for Sleep?

According to the study, taking CBD right before bed is the best time to take CBD for sleep. CBD companies and anecdotal accounts can confirm that taking CBD 30-45 minutes before bed gives you the best chance in getting results.

Just taking CBD before bed may not be enough to experience results. Other factors come into play such as frequency and dosage.

How Often to Use CBD Oil?

Using CBD regularly can have a major impact on delivering results. Taking CBD once or twice may not lead to benefits because of how CBD works in the endocannabinoid system.

Unlike other popular cannabinoids, CBD doesn’t directly bind with CB receptors. It increases endocannabinoid production by inhibiting degrading enzymes. Regular dosing is essential in producing more endocannabinoids that can directly bind with CB receptors and deliver the benefits the user is looking for.

When to Take CBD Oil for Sleep?

When and how many mg of CBD should I take before bed are two of the most common question from people who struggle with sleeping issues. The amount and the timing are extrememely important especially regarding taking CBD gummies for sleep.

We suggest starting by taking 10-20mg every day (if you need relief during the day) or night (if you are having trouble sleeping) for at least one week. If you don’t have any adverse side effects, increase the dosage to 25-50mg and continue using regularly.

Most of the participants in the 2019 study were given 25mg of edibles each day, while some outliners needed a higher dosage to feel results. Most users will find their optimal dosage between 25-75mg.

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