What We Want To See From Metaverse Gambling

For decades now, we’ve been hearing about virtual reality and the possibilities it promises to bring with it. According to the technology, we’ll be able to see, hear, feel, and maybe someday even smell in virtual reality. While smelling isn’t exactly the most appealing prospect, it seems most have been eager to experience the rest of the offerings; and with Mark Zuckerberg boasting about the Metaverse, it’s very possible we’ll see all of those advancements in the near future.

But what does this mean for gaming as a whole? From developer to developer, they’re going to have to figure out how each of their games fits with the overall narrative of VR. However, in this article, we’d just like to focus on one often overlooked genre: gambling. With many companies already talking about their plans for fighters, MMOs, horror games, and FPS, we believe it’s time to shed light on something with a little more untapped potential. It’s time to give casinos the VR treatment.

Because while many gamers might not think about poker, blackjack, and slots first when VR is mentioned, we can’t help but think of all the improvements the genre could see. So without further ado, here are the 3 main wishes we have for gambling in the Metaverse.

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Give Us Deals

Virtual reality isn’t exactly cheap. And while the industry will strive to make this new technology affordable, it would be nice if early adopters were given an incentive to pick up and play certain titles over others. Currently, even the most exclusive VIP blackjack games such as Live Diamond VIP Blackjack and Live Fortune VIP Blackjack give players sign-up bonuses like $25 to new players with BetMGM. So, there’s no reason VR endeavours couldn’t do the same.

Sure, the game might cost $60 to purchase along with the hardware, but what if members of a specific game could take place in exclusive tournaments and be given a monthly allowance to play with? If casinos did this as an offer to get people interested, they might be able to attract influencers into streaming their content while not actually giving any particular player special treatment. It could satisfy the masses while giving gaming figureheads the incentive to extend their reach.

Setting the Scene

If you’ve ever been to a casino, you’ll know the sort of atmosphere we’re hoping developers can emulate. Although research has been done on chemical haptics, we think less invasive measures could be taken to make players feel like they’re sitting down inside a casino. If developers combine surround sound hearing that picks up conversations at other tables and equally impressive visuals to pick up light from slot machines and other games in the background, we think VR games could easily capture that unmistakable casino vibe that is unique to tabletop and slot gaming.

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Reading the Room

Not only do we want to set the vibe properly, but we want the games to feel authentic. By this, we mean we want to see others’ reactions to the decisions we make in real-time. Being able to “read” your opponent in poker has always been an exciting strategy often used in Hollywood films. However, with the help of face-tracking VR technology that’s already in development, we could see the look on our opponent’s face when we make that big bet. It could add an extra layer of depth to casino games in general and make VR that much more immersive as a whole.

And with just a few small changes, we believe the gambling genre could be bigger than ever. We just need to make sure the technology gets to that level. If it does, expect the gambling industry as a whole to call the Metaverse its new home.

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