What To Look For In A Positive Investment Strategy

Looking forward into the new year, many of us want to be in a positive financial situation, making sure that our money is being used in the right places, and not being wasted on things that we don’t necessarily need, or on expenses that could be lessened/avoided.

Got some savings stored away and want to make the most of them in the new year, investing them in the right ways in order to start building a viable and substantial investment portfolio for the future? To help to get you inspired and started along your investment journey, here are a couple of pointers on things that you should look out for in a positive investment strategy.


Depending on the sort of investment that you want to pursue, there are a wide range of differing asset classes that you can put your money into, some more volatile than others. Stocks and shares, for instance, are much more likely to fluctuate in price on a regular basis dependent on differing external factors, and so you would need to keep a closer eye on them if wanting to turn a profit.

If you’re a hands-on investor then this may be manageable, but if you’re someone that has other commitments then you’re going to want to have other bolsters in place to ensure your profile stays stable with dips and bumps along the road. Of course, no investment comes without risk, and so you need to be sure that you’re confident when going ahead with any strategy that requires you tie up your hard-earned funds. 


An investment portfolio needs to be a dynamic entity that can evolve and meld over time, rather than crashing and burning should one thing go wrong. Again, many volatile investments can take sharp turns, and if you have all your eggs in one basket you can find your capital dropping at an alarming rate.

For this reason, then, you may decide that you want to go for an investment strategy that is long-term and stable. You can go for Quantamental investing strategy, dividend investing, and quality investing. These will provide you growth over time and not drastically dipping in value if the market is affected by unforeseen circumstances. Property investment is a great example of this. The recent pandemic has seen a ton of savvy investors moving their capital over from stocks and shares and into a hard-wearing, tactile property strategy. 

If this sounds like something you want to learn more about, award-winning property investment company RWinvest have a range of guides on the current market, and some of the best areas in the UK to look towards for long-term growth, house price growth and regeneration. One of the key things to remember with property is that the demand has to be there in the area – and the potential for growth in the future – otherwise your investment won’t build over time. Liverpool is one of the best areas in the UK at the moment, as the planned regeneration in the area is extremely promising, and the rental yield percentages are amongst some of the highest nationwide.

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