What Is The Fastest And Best Way To Improve Memory And Concentrations!

What you are currently experiencing could definitely be a form of depression or burnout. These things do not have to mean that you are sad in life or that you cry every night. Something as simple as being unmotivated, having no real goals, and apathy towards life is already a sign of both depression and burnout.

You worked a lot of hard days, and without the right kind of relaxation, it is quite easy to go overboard. That all being said I want to offer two types of solutions to your problem: In the first part let’s discuss what you can do to combat that apathy you developed, and in the second part I’ll offer some mind training advice.


Part 1: Combating the Apathy

Take Some Time Off

I know this is probably the first thing people tell you, but do take some time off of studying. Even it is just for a day or two. In those days that you are taking for yourself pay attention that you do not just distract yourself! Actively try to seek out positive energy, laughter, and motivation. Right now you are lacking all of these things in your life, so get something back by involving yourself with them as much as possible.

Doing so for at least two days will get you some energy back in your day and you will most likely be working at a higher game than you are right now. My advice is to take a total of 5 days off. 5 days is not the world, but it is long enough to completely and utterly relax in between. Remember, you are doing this so you can work at a higher level again afterward. Cost: 5 days. Reward: Months – Years of working on a higher level.

Improve A Different Part Of Your Life

Our life works best if everything is in accordance. Think about your life right now and check-in what areas you are severely lacking in comparison to where you want to be, and then see that this is all affecting everything else.

One area of our life can be enough to make or break the rest of our lives. So when you are not up to working fully on the area that is most important to you, then it is time to level up the rest of your life. Try focusing on a different area. Maybe your relationships or your physical fitness. Focus more attention on those areas and you will find more energy and focus on your studies as well.

Part 2: Improving your Mind

Daily Practice

Do something little for your mind every day. It is the most effective way for older people to retain their memory as it degrades, and it will do the same for you right here.

Forget About The Way It Was

No matter how great you were, that is not the case anymore. And that’s fine! The important part is what you do right now with what you have. So you do not have the best memory anymore. What are you going to do about it? Complain or act?

Take care Of Your Body

Your brain uses 20% of everything you put into your body. The worse and heavier these things are, the more likely it is your mind will have more than it can handle on its plate. Eat healthy foods, drink a lot of water, and find ways to exercise to increase blood flow and oxygen levels to help your brain out!

Focus On Improvements Rather Than Damage Control

When you think about how to solve something that went wrong, you’re only thinking of x to 0 (x being the negative place you are at, 0 being where you started). When you think about improving your current situation, you are thinking in realms of X to Y (X being the negative place you are at, Y being all the possible positive places you could be at). It opens up way more possibilities and allows you to think bigger!

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