What Is A Good Beginner’s Guide For PUBG Mobile?


PUBG Mobile is one of the more famous games nowadays. It is a favorite game of young people who play it very happily. But some beginners need help to make shots and run them successfully. If you are a beginner and you want to be a Pro gamer. Then my tips will help you for sure.

Play With Better Controls

Controls are the most critical part of your gameplay. Famous Pro players and YouTubers like Mortal, Athena Gaming, and all pro gamers use the CLAW method to play PUBG. If you are new at the game, you don’t know what claw is. If I tell her the claw method, this answer becomes so long. I suggest that you play with a three-finger claw instead of 4 finger claw. It will change your gameplay.

Choose a Better Squad

Avoid playing in random squads. Choose your teammates manually, with which you can communicate well. A Perfect team must have a Leader, Sniper, Rusher, Medic, or Supporter. Know your weak points and work on them. Be bold and use voice chat to communicate with your teammates.

Use Better Guns

To have a chicken dinner, you have to kill enemies. To kill enemies, you have to equip with better guns. You have to know which weapon is preferable at what stage. Like in close range, Use AKM and M416. Don’t use guns like ump9 at close range. Damage to the weapon should be severe. But if your enemy is quite far, you can use guns with low recoils like Ump9, M416, and Scar-L. Go for Airdrop. Air Drops Contain the most potent weapons like Groza, M249, AWM, and Mk14, and also contain Level 3 Armor and Helmet.

Don’t Be Snake (Prone) in Whole Game

Go for a hot drop. Kills the enemy with your squad. Don’t be afraid of dying early. If you keep pruning in the whole game here, you can quickly push your rank, but at a high level, still, you need to gain skills. Go for hot-drop, kills enemies, loot the airdrops, and have a Chicken Dinner.


Claw is a very sophisticated yet effective way to play survival games like PUBG mobile. One can look for videos of people playing on a PlayStation with claw.

Don’t copy anyone’s controls or sensitivity. Sensitivity depends on your device and how well you can control it. Also, you will get stuck if you try to use anyone else’s claw controls. Just customize one for yourself — an experiment in arcade mode or a training room.

Play according to your comfort. Many YouTubers play with two thumbs and Gyroscope and get amazing results. Go for three fingers if you are playing on a phone with a small or average screen size.

At first, you will get killed in nearly every match. Slowly your hands will get accustomed to it. Then activate the Gyroscope and master it for optimal recoil control.

The key here is practice and making a claw set up for yourself in a way that you are comfortable with it.

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza
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