What Happened To Enid Behind Her Brutal End In the Walking Dead?


The Walking Dead is an American horror TV show that is one of the most horrible and scary. To sum up a massive number of followers and viewers, the show has played with its fascinating concept and survival subjects that feed all adventure-horror lovers simultaneously.

The show has successfully established many gang theories and groups of people who together break them and try to forecast coming actions.

On 31st October 2010, they officially launched the show, just the time for Halloween to kickstart this show. The show has been around ever since its release in 2010.

Moreover, it has been renewed for 11 seasons, with its rearmost 11th season being vented on 20th November 2022. With each progressing season, the story only gets further and more profound and twisted, with the changes for survival getting grim.


The show adapts Tony Moore, Robert Kirkman, and Charlie Adlard’s ridiculous book by the same name. However, they were the original generators of The Walking Dead Franchise. Furthermore, it is now a multimillion design. Frank Darabont developed the show.

The show’s spin-off, the Walking Dead, is also grounded on the same themes. However, the only difference is in the cast, characters, and timeline.

The show also has its Talk show, “Talking Dead,” which is an aftershow to the factual show wherein they explain the events of the occasion that was vented and invite guests to present their point of view.

The show is great content to be batted upon as the aftershow occasionally takes a comical turn and, at times, is profound. It is vented on the AMC Network.

The show has later become a game loved and respected by all. The gamers appreciated the game’s realistic features, as they acted in the factual show and cast. The show has been home to a comprehensive form, and the list is veritably long.

Nonetheless, some of the most notable cast members are Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Srah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, and Stephen Yeun.

A brief synopsis of the show

The show is set in America after a Zombie Apocalypse has engulfed it. Nearly everyone has turned into a zombie or a half-dead mortal who feeds onto other humans and is considered brainless but veritably dangerous.

They’re fluently attracted to the noises of effects like shots and loud thuds and can indeed descry smells and get attracted towards the same.

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The concept of getting a “perambulator’ is that if a person receives stunk or is scratched by the perambulator will soon catch the infection. They also come to the trampers, and there’s only one reason to save yourself from that to kill them.

Moreover, the show follows a spy named Rick Grimes. He was in a coma while the zombies took a stride from the world.

After waking up, he finds himself in a pattern where he’s living in survival mode. He becomes the group leader of humans left safe from the deadly complaint. They aren’t only attacked by the trampers and the other winner groups who are ready to battle them for the coffers and anything that’s left.

They travel throughout the show, erecting communities, laws, and rules to guard themselves.

The show is a compendium of these communities fighting for their lives, killing and being killed. The show is a thrilling experience. Some communities join forces, and some oath to become each other search enemies in this process.

What happens to Enid?

She was the most popular character in the show. Enid appeared first in the 5th season of “Flashback Me” and was said to be 17.

Katelyn Nacon portrayed her. She was a high academy pupil, but latterly on came an essential part of the Militia and indeed a croaker for the Hill Top community.


The viewers were sad to see when they witnessed Enid’s death in one of the most brutal and miserable ways. Her death was disturbing and relatively terrible in the nature that it passed.

In season 9, in the occasion named “The Calm Before’ scenes of Enid’s beheaded face show that she was stuck on a stick.

She was severely boggled by the nascence of the Whisperers group, who killed several other group members like Tara along with her. They were set up by the members of their community, who recollected the deaths and the uneventful change that passed.

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