What exactly is the Gumball Rally?

The Gumball Rally, which is now one of the most legendary rallies in the entire world, once used to be an underground event. Those who are well off and fanatic about supercars can participate in these rallies.

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The beginning

It all started with a movie named “The Gumball Rally” (1976). A wealthy businessman drove around and lived his dream by speeding supercars from one city to another, partying and enjoying the day and nightlife.

The businessman was shown as a fanatic of supercars and was shown to be crazy about speed and travelling. His ultimate dream was to drive from one coast to the other without any rules at his top-notch rate.

The Very First Gumball 3000

In 1999 a car fanatic, an entrepreneur, and a travel lover named Maximillion Cooper gathered around 100 friends and asked them to participate in a journey of around 3000 miles across Europe.

The first Gumball had a route chart from London to Rimini, Italy, and then back. Every rally on each day had a stop with a great party and a fantastic dinner arrangement.

Many celebrities and celebrity drivers also attended this rally. There was no such prize declared for the rally, which avoided all kinds of legal issues. The participants were allowed to crush all speed limits, reach their top-notch limit, and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Popularity gain

The Gumball Rally of the year 2001 was a significant turning point in the history of this rally. There were 107 entries marked out of which some regular-looking participants recorded some of their insanely speedy and dangerous tricks and sent them to MTV. Because of all this, the rally gained tremendous popularity like an explosion in a short time.

The Golden Era

Because of the popularity gained by the MTV stunt, the Gumball Rally gained a global pedestal and became one of the most famous and unique rallies in the world for the coming years. Even celebrities started participating in the rally, which further added to the fame and name of the rally. The ticket selling started to speed up, and the place of this underground rally became an important one in the entire world.


The popularity of the rally was growing year by year, but in 2007, a tragedy shook the participants and the organizers. Maximilian Cooper, who started this rally, had always made this very clear that the rally was not just about racing at the top speed but about luxury car driving and entertainment. Still, people started taking it just like a car race.

In the rally of 2007, the launch itself went wrong as three of the cars got seized by the police, and eight drivers got their licenses cancelled. Many other cars got caught and were stopped by the police. One of the drivers and his wife got hit by another and died on the spot.

All of this led to a terrible impression of the rally, and it was all very shocking for everybody. Due to all this, there was silence for some years, and nobody took much interest in the rally.

The show must go on.

The tragedy of the rally of 2007 shook everyone badly. Still, they did not stop. The 2008 rally, although it had fewer participants, still had the same enthusiasm.

The rally went on a slower pace than the previous ones to avoid any further tragedies. It not only started on a good note but ended well as well. This gradually made the people feel more confident, and they came back on track to participate in the Gumball rally.


The Gumball Rally is one of the most unique and elite events. It offers excellent exposure to car fanatics and allows people to live their dream of luxury driving and enjoying the time during their travel from one city to the other.

Despite all the shortcomings and tragedies, the Gumball Rally holds a remarkable place in the hearts of the people and the world, offering people an extraordinary experience that they will remember all their lives for a few days.

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