What Can The Size of Man’s Hand Tell You?

A man had has a lot to say about them whether the hand is small or big. Some of the relationships between the size of a man’s hand, especially if they are colossus and strong, tell more about the man’s hobbies and career.

For instance, such a man gets associated with performing outdoor jobs such as building, pianist, or even a surgeon. A man’s index finger, compared to his ring finger, tells scientists how much testosterone he may have been exposed to in utero. Also, it turns out that testosterone influences penile growth and formation even before birth and reaches its peak during puberty.

The size of a man’s hand reveals a lot about the athletic ability of the man, his penis size, and sex life as a whole. Scientists usually focus on how much testosterone a man has been exposed to right from utero until puberty when they mature.

Testosterone influences many man’s behaviors, anatomical outcomes, and health not just at the moment but throughout their lives. A man’s fingers are what one should focus on rather than the actual size of the hand. The size of specific fingers usually has a lot to say about many issues, including the following.

The size of the male penis has a lot to do with the size of their hands

In the old tale, a saying relates that the size of the penis is proportional to the size of a man’s hand. A study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology confirmed that men who have longer ring fingers have a longer proportionate penis to match the same.

The study also considered other factors to be sure of their findings, and factors such as height, age, weight, and digit ratio did not matter compared to the size and length of the gap between the ring finger and index finger.

Sex and fertility in men is associated with men with longer fingers

Sex and fertility have for centuries been associated with having more extended ringer fingers, which modern-day scientific studies have also proved. However, it’s essential to note that men with longer ring fingers usually enjoy associating with women who display signs of fertility and have larger breasts, charge hips, and tiny waists.

Consequently, the study showed that both men and women with longer index fingers enjoy having multiple sex partners in their life. It has also been confirmed by research conducted by

Dr. Wlodarski, Professor Dunbar and Professor John Manning.

The size of a man’s hand tells more about their athletic ability

It’s common knowledge that men with more extensive hands usually have better strength than their small ring fingers counterparts. Research around the same topic indicated that age or body size has little to do with power and agility.

Still, the length of the ring finger contributed a lot to their athletic ability. Several other studies collate with the above sentiments and link longer ring fingers with superior athleticism and overall body strength.

The hand of a man has a lot to do with their attractiveness

It gets assumed that men with longer ring fingers are more attractive, and they end up being too promiscuous. It has been proved by several studies conducted around this topic.

Men with longer ring fingers were more attractive to women than their counterparts who have shorter ring fingers. Women enjoy getting associated or are attracted to men with such fingers.

How a man treats a woman has a lot to do with the man’s hand size

It’s fascinating to note that men with longer ring fingers usually laugh more, smile better, compromise and compromise when treating their women. Also, such men typically listen attentively to their women, according to a study that involved 78 men and 77 women.

Furthermore, men with longer ring fingers got coincidentally found to be more kind to their women. It’s also important to note that such men enjoyed arguing a lot with their women in their lives.

The risk of man’s cancer gets also linked with the man’s size of the hand

Though this has not been proven scientifically and research around the same topic is ongoing, men with longer ring fingers usually have lower prostate cancer risk. A word of caution on this: a medical professional should regularly check their prostate cancer risk on their risk of contracting prostate cancer.

Men predominantly have longer ring fingers compared to their counterpart women, who have an opposite scenario. This scenario is usually associated with high exposure levels of sex hormones in the utero that men get exposed to compared to women.

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