What are the Best Bonus Rounds in Online Slots?


If you are an avid slot gamer who is constantly looking for the next best thing then you may have noticed that, in recent years, it is becoming harder and harder to find online slot games that do not have bonus rounds anymore – play slot sites that are secured.

Some of you might be thinking that surely this is a positive thing because the best bonus rounds in slot games are there to bring players extra fun and hopefully score them some extra cash, and you would be right! We love our bonus rounds in online slot games and want to tell you about where you can find the best ones so that you can line your pockets with gold!

So, if you fancy making yourself a bit of extra cash and having a great time along the way, follow us as we guide you through the ins and outs of the bonus feature so that you can find the best bonus rounds in online slot games.

Bonus rounds in online slot games: how do they work?

Many beloved online slot games know the tricks of the bonus round from playing their favourite games as kids. If you used to play sonic, Mario, Crash Bandicoot, or any other game before the 2000s then you will be well aware of the bonus round:

  • Just like in old video games, online slot bonus rounds are an extra little game that players get to play if they unlock the secret passage.
  • Getting to an online slot games bonus round often consists of matching up the correct symbols… basically, pure luck! There will be a combination of symbols that trigger the bonus round in an online slot game and if you manage to secure them then you are in for a very good time!
  • Bonus rounds tend not to charge you any extra cash and instead act as a way of getting you to win some free cash, free spins, or multipliers.

Seems pretty cool right?

What are the best online slot game bonus rounds?

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Online slot games can be incredibly creative and fantastic that it is often hard to even pin down what all of the possible bonus rounds that are available are.

Despite all of this, we think that we definitely know what our favorite online slot game bonus rounds are:

Best online slot game bonus round Description
Wheel of fortune We all know the game-show game, but one of the best bonus rounds for online slot games has to go to the wheel of fortune that pops up and you get to spin in the hopes of landing on the big bucks!
Pick a card You must have played the classic game of finding the cup with the ball under it. Well, follow the card with the best prize on it and hopefully, you will win big on this bonus round.
Arcade games Now, if you were one of those computer gamers we were talking about earlier then you will be a swift hand at the arcade-style bonus rounds in online slot games!


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