What Are Some Of The Best Streaming Platforms To Watch the MLB?


The last 18 months have seen pretty much everyone spending more time on their sofa and in front of their television screens. Streaming service companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu have all seen the number of subscribers increase exponentially in this period, as people have spent long periods binge-watching their favourite shows, as they haven’t been able to go out and mingle with friends and families.

It is not just television shows or movies that have been watched in this period, but viewing figures for sports have also jumped up hugely. Fans who would normally be front and centre in the sports stadiums across the world were largely unable to do. Once sport started up again mid last year, most teams decided to give fans the opportunity to watch all the games live at home instead, so they could at least still cheer on their favourite players, even if it wasn’t quite the same atmosphere as they would have gotten in the arenas.

One of the sports that took advantage of this was baseball, and more specifically the MLB, the most-watched baseball league on the planet. They knew that fans all over the world would pay to stream their team’s games, especially once the fun of the play-offs and World Series got going. This meant fans could watch the games and also search for MLB live odds on their favorite sports betting apps at the same time.

Depending on where you are in the world, there are several different ways and choices when watching the MLB games. With this year’s playoffs in full swing, we decided it would be a good idea to evaluate all the different streaming options that baseball fans have available to them.

North American options

Given that the MLB is based in North America, it is no surprise to see that fans and supporters based over there have some of the best streaming options available to them. The best way to watch baseball games are if you are already signed up to one of the premium cable options, such as FOX Sports, NBC Sports, or TBS Sports. To upgrade to the sports packages, it does cost a little extra than the basic service does, but if you are a baseball fanatic, then it is totally worth it.

The added extra you get from signing up with one of the big cable companies is that you can then stream the games on your mobile devices too, such as a laptop, tablet, or mobile/cell phone. This means that you no longer have to be right at home in front of your television to watch the games, instead, you can be on the go and take all the action with you.

If you aren’t signed up for cable service or have gotten rid of it in the past few months, then don’t fear. There will be other TV streaming services that can provide you with your MLB fix. All you need to make sure is that they offer one of FOX, FS1 or TBS. These are the networks that have the broadcasting rights to the Divison Series, the League Championship Series, and the World Series. It is best to have all of these channels available, as not each network shows all the games. Once it gets to the World Series games, FOX is the only channel you’ll need to watch all the action unfold.

MLB.TV could be the way to go

If you are such a fanatic that you want an app or streaming service that is solely dedicated to baseball, then MLB themselves offer a subscription package. For the 2021 play-offs that are currently underway, the Postseason Package costs $24.99 and will allow fans at home to stream select games from any supported device. Again, this means your phone or personal computer will also work for streaming.

MLB.tv also provides great baseball documentaries and old episodes of ‘This Week In Baseball’ from the 1970s and 1980s. If you are a baseball fanatic, this has to be the best option out there.

Outside of the U.S/Canada

If you aren’t located in North America, then MLB.TV will also work for you. However, it will not always be live, as U.S. Networks operate on broadcasting blackouts at certain times during the matches. Therefore, the best way is to do everything you can to avoid the result and catch up on demand the next day.

ESPN also appear to offer a selection of baseball games to people outside of the United States and Canada. Again, not many games will be available live but can be watched in full on-demand the next day.

The final option for non-North American residents is the TBS app. Again it doesn’t show every game, and few (if any) will be live, but it is an on-demand option available to fans in Europe, South America, Asia or Africa.

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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