Weed Delivery Toronto Guide 2.0

After recreational marijuana legalization in 2018, the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) was Toronto’s leading recreational marijuana distribution network. Being Ontario’s provincial government crown agency, the OCS operated the only legal online recreational cannabis store in Toronto.

The OCS’ online dispensary offered the express delivery option, which took three days, while the expedited delivery option took five days. Users expressed frustration at the lengthy wait for orders; things worsened as cannabis orders skyrocketed during the pandemic.

The AGCO allowed private cannabis retailers to offer same-day doorstep weed delivery services in Ontario to speed up access to weed.

If you’re getting started, here’s everything you need to know about weed delivery in Toronto.

How to Find Trusted Weed Delivery Services

Cannabis legalization in Toronto grows stronger each day, as evidenced by the constantly rising number of legal cannabis same-day delivery services. Dependable recreational and medicinal weed delivery services make buying weed in Ontario effortless and fast.

However, the flip side to the array of options is that selecting one delivery service can be overwhelming because services from delivery companies are not equal. Therefore, besides convenience, consider service quality by doing your due diligence before committing.

Among the things to look at are the service provider’s track record and online ratings, dependability, product selection, and quality, customer service etiquette, privacy, and security.  Also, check customer reviews, social media post engagements, and independent cannabis website reviews to establish how dependable they are.

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How to Choose the Right Weed Products

Trusted online marijuana retailers offer an assortment of top-quality cannabis products. They also stock the most fragrant, flavorful, and potent cannabis strains from the leading brands. This allows you to shop for anything from cannabis flowers, the purest weed concentrate forms, and delectable weed edibles; and have them shipped to your Toronto address.

However, some delivery services have limited product options, while others follow inadequate inventory protocols, hence often run out of stock. Such factors make shopping remotely for weed inconvenient. Therefore, as you vet each vendor, consider their product selection; be wary of service providers with too many “sold out” stickers.

Also, look through other buyer reviews and avoid sellers and delivery service providers that give misinformation on product availability, then try imposing different products on customers later.

Establish Product Quality

The main reason for the legalization of recreational marijuana was to attract cannabis users to the legal cannabis market, thereby protecting their health and safety. Hence, Health Canada oversees third-party lab testing for all cannabis buds and other cannabis products sold in Toronto and Ontario. However, weed in Ontario’s legal market is not equal in quality despite the standardized lab testing; there is premium-quality weed, but there is also bunk weed.

To offer maximum value, trusted weed delivery services in Toronto conduct extensive product quality and safety tests on all the products they sell. That includes testing for active pesticides, chemical residue, mold, and terpene profile verification. They also inspect the integrity of cultivation and harvesting procedures, especially for craft cannabis products.

Honest weed delivery services stand by their products and openly share verifiable information, like lab test results, with their customers. For your safety, take your time to find out product quality and consider weed delivery services in Toronto with transparency policies on product quality information. Moreover, you can also refer to customer reviews to establish if the products live up to the expectations.

Find the Best Bargain

Every legal weed dispensary in Toronto buys its retail products from the OCS. However, individual retailers set their retail prices, so always compare prices and settle for delivery services that marry quality and affordability.

The best bargain includes finding money-saving deals that will give you added value. It’s possible to find good deals as most top-rated weed delivery services offer deals to incentivize their customers.

So, look out for deals like a significant discount on your first order, free shipping for orders worth a specific value, and complimentary gifts. Combining affordable prices with shopping deals can give you the best value.


Place Your Order

Placing your order is as simple as putting all the products you want to buy in your cart and then proceed to checkout. While checking out, remember to type in any active promotional codes you have.

If you experience any difficulty during checkout, you can contact the delivery service provider’s customer support team for assistance.

Wait for Your Weed Delivery

After making your order, you can now sit, relax, and wait for the delivery person to arrive with your cannabis goodies. In Toronto, weed deliveries arrive approximately 90 minutes after the delivery service processes your order.

Reputable weed delivery services send text notifications after processing your order to let you know it is on the way. They keep updating you along the journey until the order arrives.



Weed delivery in Toronto is simpler today than ever; gone is the era where you had to wait days to get some weed gratification. Follow the simple steps above for online shopping and weed delivery in Toronto and have an incredible weed experience with premium-quality weed from reputable sellers.

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