Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair will Date in the Wednesday Season 1?


It is just so good on so many levels, first is that it is not only about the Dark Humor and quick, witty Dialogue. A lot of multi-level Storytelling is also involved, giving most of the Characters a lot of depth.

A lot of talk about how Jenna Ortega was perfect for the Role, but for viewers, it just wasn’t her. Most of the other Actors and Actresses also did very well, helping contribute to just how good this Show is.

Take Catherine Zeta-Jones, for example. However, it is still being determined if she would be a good Morticia Addams since Anjelica Huston in the Role was a hard act to follow. However, she delivered wonderfully, proving that she could still be good in a Comedy Role.

You know this series will be full of dark, quick wit. However, it still catches you wonderfully off guard at various moments every time it comes, like when Wednesday told Gomez she knew he didn’t have it in him to be a Convicted Killer, then Gomez says he forgives her even if what she said, “stings”.

The Soundtrack is also pretty good, something that is certainly noticeable. They were turning Classic Songs from the 1970s onwards into Instrumentals played by an Orchestra.

The previous Wednesday didn’t just go into the series in a Cameo Role but was, in fact, quite a Pivotal Character. We may even see more of her in succeeding Seasons.

Are Wednesday and Enid – “Lovers”?

The chemistry between the promoters is the main spotlight of the first season. Though both are just like polar contraries – one all black and the other as various as a rainbow, you know, the favorite fans say – “contraries attract each other”.

Though we’ve seen Wednesday having a hard time accepting Enid as her stylish friend, admit it or not, we can see Wednesday not going a single step forward with her, new day, new riddle life.

The roommates show different love interests throughout the season. On Wednesday, we had some gladdening moments with Tyler and Xavier, whereas we saw some blossoms between Enid and Ajax. Piecemeal from these developments, the room participating with a mix of emotional sharing could be a hint that Wednesday and Enid might be the coming power couple as the series progresses.

Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair

Still, there might be some hint for Wednesday having some “LGBTQ” angle, If we glance between the lines. As Xavier brazened Wednesday is that the girl she’s waiting at the festival for, we all might have paused and wondered what if Wednesday might be into her roommate. Well, yes or no, addict propositions supporting this are formerly out there.

As season one ends, there’s one other riddle yet to be answered regarding the two stylish musketeers or to-be suckers. Neither does the promoter end up with someone on the love grounds nor is there any progression between them.

They are leaving the viewer’s admiration. At the same time, there have not been any sanctioned adverts by the show makers regarding the possible love between the two. As Jenna has fueled the fire around the question, there are expedients alive among the suckers that this dream might come into reality. While for now, all of us have to stay for unborn seasons to be vented to see who might end up in whose arms.

Anyway, this is the Must-Watch Series on Netflix right now, and looking at all the buzz it generates, many other people agree with it, too.

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