Ways to Improve Employee Sense of Belonging at Work


Having a great sense of belonging or importance to a group is a feeling everyone desires be it work, home, or just in a community. It all boils down to social connection which is something everyone needs. When employees lack this feeling of belonging, it can make them feel invaluable to the company both physically and mentally.

On the contrary, when employees feel they are important and their thoughts are valuable to the company (inclusion), it can aid in creating a really meaningful work life. Inclusion and a sense of belonging at work make employees feel like they are part of a big mission. How then can employers make employees feel included and give them this sense of belonging?

Give People the Chance Who Are Feeling Ignored

They are some people who are always shoved out or shy away from sharing their initiatives at work because they feel dejected always or that their ideas will be regarded as stupid to the others in the room.

It is important that employers create a room where employees can always share their thoughts freely and their opinions without anyone judging or laughing no matter how unreasonable it may sound.

For workers who rarely speak up during meetings, employers should make it a habit of talking with them privately to find out what is wrong. When this aspect has been identified, get them through the right coaching to help in building their confidence. Sometimes they can be asked to do fake public speaking sessions so as to prepare them for the real presentation while monitoring their progress with an employee tracking device.

Create a Psychologically-Safe Space

Always do an employee tracking tool to monitor how they interact at work. Each team needs to be set on a strong foundation centered on trust. A lot of people do not really feel comfortable talking about how they are really doing at work. To bring them to this spot, it is good to introduce a model of vulnerability and genuineness at work.

This can be to the simplest things of employees sharing their own ideas about why a task failed or what they were able to learn from a task. It can also imply being just free and open with an employee when they find a particular task really difficult. By showing off this vulnerable side, also encourages employees to pursue calculated risks without really being scared or scolded at it.

Check-In With People

One can easily get so preoccupied with their work and minding their business that they do not relate with their co-workers in any way. Encourage employees to check on their co-workers professionally and even personally if the need arises. These little things can go a long way to improve their productivity at work because they get to talk about their worries where solutions can be processed to fix them. That way they can easily refocus on work even if they are going through a rough time.

Ask For Input in Team Work

Managers should always encourage employees to always share their thoughts and call for teamwork at the level of any project. Rather than assign an employee to handle a particular role in the project, the manager should explain the objectives of the project and ask for their initiatives. This gives room for freedom to work and makes them work hard so the project becomes a success.

Tony Altidore
Tony Altidore
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