Useful Gift Ideas for Your Stoner Friend


Being friends with a stoner comes with many unique benefits. They’re usually great fun to be around, and are easy to shop for birthdays and Christmas! There are plenty of things that you can get your stoner friend this year, to make their medication easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for some gift inspiration, or to learn more about stoner accessories, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a list of some of the hottest gift ideas for your stoner friend! Get them anything off this list and give them a gift to remember!

Upgrade their bong

One of the best gifts to get a stoner, that isn’t simply more weed, is a new bong. Bongs and bong accessories are the perfect stylish and luxurious gifts for any stoner. A new bong is a great way to surprise your friend, and accessories are a great way to show them that you care. There are plenty of different models to choose from with different designs and functions. Whether your friend is a veteran or a novice, they’re sure to appreciate the gift.

Useful stoner gadgets

Whether your friend prefers a bong, pipe, or rolling, they’re going to need a couple of stoner essentials. A great present to get a stoner is a grinder for their weed. There are plenty of wacky and creative designs to choose from, so you can find the perfect match for your stoner friend. If they already have a grinder, consider some other stoner essentials like rolling paper, a rolling tray, or mini scissors. Think outside the box with experimental flavors and designs, and you’re good to go! Get creative with your essentials and your stoner friend is sure to love your gift!

A personalized lighter

Every dedicated stoner needs one thing, and one thing alone; their own personal lighter. A personalized lighter is a stoner essential, and a great present for any occasion. They’re something that your friend will always need and use. You can put a lot of thought and effort into the lighter by engraving, printing, or painting a personalized design for them. Whether your friend prefers classic or zippo, or something more eclectic, you can’t go wrong with a good lighter as a present.

Cannabis couture

If your friend is a stoner and a fashionista, try combining those two interests in their next gift and get them some cannabis couture! There are many ways to combine a love for cannabis with fashion, ranging from super obvious to super lowkey. From funky weed print socks to stylish streetwear with weed motifs. From a tasteful hoodie with some discrete weed embroidery to clothing made from hemp! Whether you go on the nose or think outside the box, some cannabis apparel always makes for a great present!

Educate them

Another great present to get your stoner friend is the gift of knowledge! There are plenty of fascinating things to learn and know about the cannabis plant. Whether they’re more interested in the history of the plant, some fun facts, or new ways to use it, there’s plenty to learn. Whether you get them a book, a subscription to a magazine, or show them a documentary on Netflix, knowledge is always a fun idea!

Get them a trip abroad

If your friend’s a stoner, chances are they’ve always wanted to go somewhere where they can medicate in peace. Lovers of cheese and wine go to France, anime lovers go to Japan, and those who love cannabis go to Jamaica and Amsterdam! If you’re looking to get your stoner friend the best gift ever, why not surprise them with a trip to Amsterdam! Have an adventure abroad and experience the weed culture together!

Some sneaky storage

Not everyone is on board the weed train, and sometimes your stoner friends have to go through a lot to keep their habit hidden. If you want to get your stoner friend something useful, get them somewhere they can hide their stash! There are plenty of ways to keep a stash hidden from smell-proof bags to fake books with hidden compartments. This is not only a fun gag present, but could come in handy if your stoner friend needs to hide their stash!

Some sneaky storage

So there you have it! Shopping for your stoner friend can be tricky, but with the right pointers, anything is possible! A bong and accessories make for a great present for your stoner friend. Get them some stoner essentials and gadgets to make their trip easier and more convenient, or them a personalized lighter.

Combine their love for weed with their love for fashion with some cannabis couture! Get them a book or documentary series to learn more about their favorite plant. Go big with a trip to Amsterdam or Jamaica! At the end of the day, getting them some sneaky storage is always a good idea! Follow these gift ideas and your stoner friend is sure to love it!

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